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Amira Azzouz

A little princess-not! The first thing you notice about Amira is her smile, she warms any place up. Her attention to detail is very evident in everything she does, even picking her daily statement accessories; cat-ears headband anyone? Or maybe avant-garde funky glasses? Everything about Amira oozes style and quirkiness. Amira is Fustany's Founder & Editor-in-Chief. Her favorite items are statement jewellery like funky headbands, sunglasses or a hand full of rings.She won't be seen dead in Uggs or high thigh leather boots. You can reach her on or on Twitter @AmiraAzzouz.

Articles By Amira Azzouz

The One Minute Nutella Cake

August 31, 2016 12:00 AM | by Amira Azzouz

When I first heard about the one minute Nutella cake recipe I couldn't believe myself. A cake that can be prepared in one minute? ... Read More

Things Not to Do on Linkedin

March 26, 2015 12:00 AM | by Amira Azzouz

A lot of the time people don't use Linkedin professionally, so I put together an article of things not to do on Linkedin and save yourself some online embarrassment. ... Read More