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| by Farida Abdel Malek

Stone Marble Nail Art Can Be Done In 3 Different Ways...Pick Your Favorite!

The marble nail polish craze has still not dialed down and we're extremely happy about that because let's face it...it's so beautiful. I'm sure most of you have seen marble nails online and thought, "When I find the stick ons, I'll get them." Well apparently there's a way you can DIY and it could be easier than we thought. 

Besides, it is absolutely gorgeous and luxurious! The best thing about stone marble is that it's completely random. So, you can imagine when it comes to nail art, you almost can't mess up the shape.

I'm still sure most of you are wondering where to even begin? Well, these two videos offer you 3 different ways to achieve the mesmerizing look. You can use a thin nail art brush, scrunched paper or water marble. Try them out and tell us which one you prefer. 

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