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| by The Fustany Team

Did You Run Out of Shaving Cream? These 10 Substitutes Will Do the Trick!

Were you planning on shaving your body hair today, but you found your shaving cream bottle empty? Don’t worry, because you have 10 alternatives you can use instead of shaving cream that will be as good and as effective. Remember to apply a thin layer of what you’re going to use, and then shave your legs or arms in the direction of the hair growth, and then go in the opposite direction.

  1. Baby oil.

  2. Olive oil.

  3. Coconut oil.

  4. Avocado oil.

  5. Hair conditioner.

  6. Shea butter.

  7. Your regular shower gel. (It won’t moisturize your body, but it will be effective.)

  8. Mix some honey with water, and then shave.

  9. Body lotion.

  10. Aloe Vera gel.

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