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| by Amira Azzouz

Spotlight on Nathalie Trad's Latest Accessories Collection

I was first introduced to Nathalie Trad's designs during Fashion Forward Dubai's season 1 Pop Up Shop and her accessory pieces instantly grabbed my attention. I wasn't the only one who loved her pieces, you could easily spot the admiration from people passing by through their looks and wows. First things first, what does Nathalie Trad design? The Lebanese designer raised in Dubai has two lines which include shell clutches and necklaces in addition to leather handbags. Her designs with their geometric shapes are an attention grabber wherever you go. The line that sends out shimmer is what I like to call "when nature meets fashion" with the use of earth stones with some fabulous tones. What's beautiful about those pieces is that you can easily go for a basic colored outfit, let's say jeans and a plain top, and accessorize it with one of her shell clutches or necklaces. Pretty awesome, right?

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