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| by Sara Khalil

12 Essential Pieces You Should Have in Your Wardrobe This Winter

Brace yourselves, winter is coming! Fall just began a few days ago, and the weather is getting chilly at night, so you better start updating your winter wardrobe with these 12 essential pieces to look the trendiest this coming season! I picked those pieces according to the Fall Winter 2016, 2017 ready-to-wear trends. So read on and take notes of your favorite pieces out of the 12 essential pieces you should have in your winter wardrobe!

1.  Oversized sweaters

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-28_zps9mjlgp8i.jpg

2.  Long coats that end right at your ankles

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-08_zpsgm3ffwwt.jpg

3.  The winter cardigan

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-11_zps6jrbeuk0.jpg

4.  Printed capes

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-25_zpskbixsia7.jpg

5.  The burgundy handbag, not only this color is super trendy, but it’s super chic too!

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-22_zpsivr8x1ti.jpg

6.  The wide scarf

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-20_zpsriplcmpo.jpg

7.  Ankle boots and you can pick it in any of the colors in the photo.

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-04_zpszqlbglmo.jpg

8.  The leather jacket for a practical and chic look.

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-16_zpsik54qofk.jpg

9.  White sneakers are a must this winter, they might get dirty fast but they’re totally worth it.

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-12_zpsnjtwsq0o.jpg

10.  Fake fur vests are a must or a chic look this winter!

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-14_zpsk2scwauc.jpg

11.  The high knee boot is your way for a dramatically stylish look this winter!

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-06_zps9ajgua3m.jpg

12.  The makeup in different purple shades is the go-to makeup look for this winter.

 photo Large-Fustany-Must-Have-Items-For-Winter-18_zpsidg2oybs.jpg

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