I have a deep undying love for coats, to the point where I think it might start to become a problem for my wallet. The things is, there are so many options out there, they all look so magnificent and there's nothing like putting on a coat and having it transform your entire outfit into something 10x more sophisticated. So, imagine my joy when I decided to write about the incredible Coat Trends for 2020/2021. There were a lot of similar trends from last year, like the really coat coats, structured shoulders, capes, checkered prints and oversized coats. 

Your Ultimate Guide for the Top Fall/Winter 2020/2021 Fashion Trends

This year's fall/winter coat trends 2021 are nothing far from what we've seen the past years from designers...chic, dramatic and with a bit of nostalgia. So here are 9 Fall Winter 2020/2021 coat trends to shop from this year and let's all cry for our credit cards...

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Top Winter Coat Trends 2020/2021:

Checkered coats Trend 


This is one the biggest trends this year. Checkered patterns are everywhere and not just with coats. They're a classic fall and winter pattern and designers didn't shy away from going bold with them. 

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Quilted Coats Trend


The quilted clothes trend was also prominent. Especially on coats. The quilts came in different sizes and shapes, all very interesting and unique. They're also a great option for warmth. 

High Neck Coats Trend


An unusual but very cool trend were high neck coats. Instead of having the collars down, designers pulled them up to the neck showing more detail in the design and really bringing the looks together. 

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Capes trend 


This was huge last year and it's still going. They look really regal and chic and are a great option if you're wearing a dress or skirt. This year they also came in a lot of different designs with creative fit and detail.

Fuzzy and Furry Coats


Faux fur took over the runway with dramatic beautiful coats. There were so many different interpretations that took the idea of a faux fur coat to another level. 

Oversized Coats 


Oversized everything is still going strong as well. The coats just keep getting bigger and looser and we're living for it. Don't be scared to go for a bold color with your oversized coat, it's a just gorgeous look.

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Figure hugging coats trend


On the other end of things, more structured and figure hugging coats were also seen on the runway. If oversized is not your thing, these coats will be your go to. Also they don't need much with them, they pretty much make up the whole look, like a dress. 

Trench Coats


A classic and perhaps and underrated one these past couple of years. I'm so happy to see trench coats in their glory. They're so timeless and chic and it was so fun to see how designers added their own flair to the classic piece. 

All Image Credits: NOWFASHION