10 Ideas to Help You Wear Your Summer Dresses in Fall!
Jasmine Kamal
9/30/22, 3:00 PM

Who doesn't want to wear casual summer dresses all year long? They're easy, comfortable, effortless, chic, and flattering. It can be tricky to wear your summer dresses in fall, given that they may be short or made from light fabrics, which isn’t what you want to wear in nippy weather. There’s no need to buy winter dresses and consume all your new year's savings. 

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Get ready to rock some 2022 fall trends and learn how to make your summer dresses fit into fall outfits that will be both chic and weather-appropriate.

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So, here are 10 ideas on how to wear summer dresses in fall:

1. Leather jacket over a dress

A leather jacket is a secret weapon in fall and winter. It makes everything look cooler and it basically goes with everything. It looks great with summer dresses and will keep you warmer in fall.

2. Coats/blazers with dresses

This is an easy, quick solution that will not compromise your fall chicness. Chic coats and blazers look exceptionally amazing over the summer trendy satin dresses, so this look would be perfect for a night out.

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3. Denim jacket and summer dresses

A denim jacket is a classic fall piece. This is one of the tricks that we prefer. It will give you a cool look, in addition to some warmth. The denim jacket is also a staple in every girl's wardrobe.

4. Trench coats with dresses

A trench coat with a dress underneath is a classic and the perfect transition into colder months. Moreover, the good thing about a trench coat is that it won't limit your outfit options at all. You can wear it open or closed, depending on the dress and the look you're going for. 

5. Wool Cardigan

You won’t realize how important wool cardigans are until fall comes. A wool cardigan is a staple in both fall and winter as it looks effortlessly chic and provides the warmth you need. A long one looks great with a dress and is very comfy.

6. Knee High Boots

Boots and dresses are a match made in heaven, especially knee high boots. However, this can also look great with over the knee boots or ankle boots, depending on what you're more comfortable wearing. 

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7. Tights

Tights are going to be your savior, especially in winter when it's really cold. They make a huge difference in keeping your legs warm and they look super chic with a dress and boots. Furthermore, a trick to keep your legs warm and soft is to apply moisturizer before wearing tights!

8. Turtlenecks underneath a dress

V-neck dresses paired with turtlenecks can give a vintage, 70s vibe. If you’re after a chic look, wear a turtleneck underneath your dress. A turtleneck would also look perfect underneath a spaghetti strap, puff sleeve, or slip dress.

9. Turn your dress into a skirt

You can create a skirt from your summer dress by simply throwing a layer on top of it. This method will maximize your summer dresses and make them function as a new piece of clothing. The trick here is to create volume on top and give your waist definition. That’s why you should choose to wear hoodies or sweaters on top of simple-silhouette dresses, such as sheath or slip dresses. 

10. Knitted vest over shirtdress

Layering a knotted vest over a shirtdress is the coziest outfit you could create in fall. This oversized, effortless, and elegant look will give a preppy vibe as well as the warmth you may need in fall. Pair this outfit with ankle or knee-high boots to complete the look.

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