8 of The Best Fall Destinations in Egypt

Mariam Youssef
9/6/23, 11:00 AM

There is an unresolved war of words between summer lovers and winter junkies. Regardless which team you belong to, the summer days are over and the weather is becoming less hotter, which is a great chance for you to take a decent fall trip. Even though fall tends to be gloomier than summer, it still makes the perfect season for warm trips in Egypt. That said, we’ll show you 8 of the best warm fall destinations in Egypt for your next trip.

1. Ras Sudr

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Due to its excellent kitesurfing conditions and proximity to Cairo, Ras Sudr has recently gained popularity. Ras Sudr is a tiny length of coastline on the Gulf of Suez entrance of the Red Sea. The best fall activities at Ras Sudr include kiteboarding, swimming, and relaxing on a Sinai beach without driving too far away from Cairo.

2. Fayoum

Fayoum, which is located approximately an hour and a half from Cairo, has long been regarded as a wonderful natural getaway. The largest oasis in Egypt, Lake Qarun, lies in Fayoum, and there are several beautiful places to camp nearby, including the sand dunes right on the shore of Magic Lake, the Wadi el Rayan waterfalls, and the Magic Lake sand dunes. Fayoum is an ancient city that has an interesting blend of desert, water, flora, urban, and rural life, as well as modern and ancient life.

3. Ain El Sokhna

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Out of all the places on the mainland and in Sinai, the Red Sea location is closest to Cairo (it can take approximately an hour to arrive at Ain El Sokhna if you live in eastern Cairo). There are many residential beach communities in Ain El Sokhna, but there are also many hotels. It is renowned for having quiet, crystal-clear water and sun all year long. Fall activities in Ain el Sokhna include swimming, tanning, having a BBQ, and eating fresh fish (either at a restaurant or having it delivered).

4. Ras Shaitan/Nuweiba

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Between the Sinai peninsula cities of Nuweiba and Taba is a stretch of shoreline known as Ras Shaitan that is tucked between mountains and the Gulf of Aqaba in the Red Sea. Both Ras Shaitan and the little coastal hamlet of Nuweiba are well renowned for their remote beach camps, which are often managed by Bedouins. You are welcome to pitch your own tents directly on the beach. The camps are a mix of beach cottages and basic chalets. The Bedouins and visitors from all over the world frequently gather around a sizable bonfire at night to converse, perform music, and sing.

Fall activities in Ras Shetan and Nuweiba include camping by the ocean, swimming, stargazing, enjoying a fire at night, reading, playing cards, touring Castle Zaman, and hiking in the Nuweiba highlands.

5. Siwa Oasis

The most well-known (and farthest away) oasis in Egypt is Siwa, which is located in the Western Desert but much nearer to the Libyan border. Each year, thousands of visitors from Egypt and outside come to Siwa to discover its distinctive history, legacy, and culture (they even have their own language which is closer to Berber than Arabic). In addition, Siwa's natural beauty alone makes it worthwhile to visit, from the lush vegetation at the edge of the Great Sand Sea to their sparkling salt lakes and vast stretches of olive and palm trees.

Visit the Mountain of the Dead, Cleopatra's Bath, the Temple of the Oracle of Alexander the Great, take a hot springs bath, go on a desert safari, and more when visiting Siwa in the fall. Moreover, Siwa is renowned for its therapeutic natural climate.

6. Dahab

The diving is just as good in this tiny bohemian town, which is smaller, calmer, and less developed than its Red Sea Riviera neighbor Sharm el Sheikh. Dahab attracts many visitors who prefer a more relaxed vacation because it is home to renowned dive spots like the Blue Hole. Dive, snorkel, swim, visit Ras Abu Galum, go mountain climbing or bouldering, and check out the beachfront eateries, bars, and cafes on the promenade while in Dahab in the fall.

7. El Gouna

El Gouna is a contemporary resort community with lagoons scattered across its more than 10 kilometers of pristine Red Sea coastline. Upper Egyptian and rural traditional architecture served as inspiration for El Gouna's design. Both visitors and Egyptians like visiting this town equally. Although people tend to visit it in the summertime, fall is the right time for this heavenly place.

8. Sahl Hasheesh

Although Sahl Hasheesh is in the Hurghada "region," it’s its own distinct community and not at all like Hurghada itself. Sahl Hasheesh also boasts a man-made sunken city, a half-submerged metropolis that functions as a reef and draws a ton of snorkelers and marine creatures alike. Fall activities in Sahl Hasheesh include swimming, tanning, water sports, snorkeling, diving, boat tours, taking advantage of the hotel's amenities, and visiting El Gouna or Hurghada city.



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