First dates are all about first impressions, getting to know each other, and see if things can work out. So, why not do this over a nice meal, where you get to chat and enjoy delicious food? That's why we have prepared a list for you of the best choices of restaurants in Cairo that include fine, fancy dining and not-too-expensive places to suit all tastes and budgets.

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1. Caracas

This is a great restaurant that will transport you to Beirut, especially if you’re into trying new familiar cuisines. Revel in a one-of-a-kind experience with exceptional food and a perfect romantic atmosphere.

Contact Information: 02 33038657, 0102 3311265, 0102 7333048

Location: Mohandeseen, 6th of October, 5th Settlement

Instagram page: Caracas

Facebook page: Caracas

2. Pepenero

If you’re craving fine Italian cuisine, this restaurant will surely appeal to you. Aside from bringing the true tastes of Italy to the heart of Cairo, Pepenero is a fabulous place for your first date, where you’ll feel like you’re in Italy. After all, Italy is one of the most romantic countries in the world.

Contact Information: 01010101342, 01003329929

Location: ElKorba, New Cairo

Instagram page: Pepenero

Facebook page: Pepenero

3. Crimson

Fine dining experience? check. Perfect spot for first dates? check. Excellent locations? double check! Crimson offers you exactly what you’re looking for in a restaurant. You’ll surely make an awesome impression with this choice.

Contact Information: 01275055555, 01222174270

Location: Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed

Instagram page: Crimson

Facebook page: Crimson

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4. Villa Belle Époque

Aside from being a stunning hotel and awesome wedding venue, Villa Belle Époque is an exquisite restaurant that combines comfort, elegance, and modernity. You’ll have a dreamy date and, who knows? Maybe this will become your future wedding venue, where you can revive some awesome memories.

Contact Information: 02 23580265

Location: Maadi

Instagram page: Villa Belle Époque

Facebook page: Villa Belle Époque

5. Fuego

Sushi on a first date? Sure thing! Sushi is not everyone’s cup of tea, but if you and your date love sushi, then why not enjoy this yumminess together? Fuego surely is one of the best sushi places in Cairo. It also has versatile options other than sushi that are known for their tastiness. The food, quality, and overall ambiance of this place is excellent for your first date.

Contact Information: 01030757770, 01065524467, 01011009078

Location: New Cairo, Zamalek, Sheikh Zayed

Instagram page: Fuego Grill and Sushi Bar

Facebook page: Fuego Grill and Sushi Bar

6. Tao Cairo

This restaurant offers a fine multi-Asian experience and a fantastic journey through Thai, Chinese, Japanese, and Indian cuisines. So, if you’re not feeling like traditional food, this is the place for you.

Contact Information: 0226140080

Location: Dusit Thani

Instagram page: Tao Cairo

Facebook page: Tao Cairo

7. Sizzler Steak House

This restaurant is known for its gigantic portions and delicious American cuisine, so if you’re really hungry and looking for a great dining experience, look no further than Sizzler.

Contact Information: 0225202630

Location: Maadi, City Stars, Cairo Festival City, Mall of Egypt, Point 90 Mall, Open Air Mall Madinaty

Instagram page: Sizzler Steak House

Facebook page: Sizzler Steak House

8. Tree Trunk

What’s better than a Bohemian, chic restaurant for your first date? The mood in this place is incomparable. You’ll feel like you’re inside a tree trunk in a fairytale, which sets the mood for a romantic dinner.

Contact Information: 0100 0772269

Location: ElKorba

Instagram page: Tree Trunk

Facebook page: Tree Trunk

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9. Rossini

Italian cuisines always set the mood for romantic dinners, which makes Rossini an excellent choice for your first date. Since it’s Italian fusion that’s specialized in seafood, expect nothing less than a top-notch fine dining experience.

Contact Information: 01228437342

Location: Heliopolis

Instagram page: Rossini Restaurant

Facebook page: Rossini Restaurant

10. Crave

Crave never fails to astonish its visitors with its excellent dishes and amazing staff. It’s known for its significant, unique dishes that are not found anywhere else. It will make a fantastic impression on your date for sure.

Contact Information: 16788

Location: Arkan Plaza, Mall of Arabia, New Cairo, Tivoli Dome, City Center Almaza, Cairo Festival City, Zamalek, Maadi

Instagram page: Crave

Facebook page: Crave

11. Il Mulino

This is the kind of restaurant that will suit you romantically and financially. It’s not super expensive and at the same time is an exquisite place for a first date. The food quality is good, especially the pizza, and the overall place is cozy.

Contact Information: 01210400179, 01223288854

Location: Heliopolis, Maadi

Instagram page: Il Mulino

Facebook page: Il Mulino Bakery and Restaurant

12. Ovio

At Ovio, you’re guaranteed an amazing time and excellent food. Their dishes are exceptionally good and handcrafted for you. Whether you’re looking for a nice breakfast or fancy dinner, Ovio will amaze you.

Contact Information: 01210400179, 01223288854

Location: Maadi, Galleria 40, Cairo Festival City, Sodic Westown Hub

Instagram page: Ovio

Facebook page: Ovio

13. Bocca

You’ll be missing a lot if you don’t try Bocca with its contemporary refined international cuisine. You and your date will surely appreciate the romantic ambiance of this place and, most importantly, the food. From contemporary breakfast to exquisite lunch options, you will be delighted by the overall experience.

Contact Information: 01090141914

Location: Mohandessin, Park Street, Waterway 2, 5A

Instagram page: Bocca

Facebook page: Bocca

Main image credit: Tao Cairo