Last week witnessed two exciting events; Halloween and Dina's birthday, both on the very same day! Amr and Youssef have been planning for a week or so to go to a really cool Halloween party and trying to talk me into going with them. Of course I was up for it, these guys know how to have fun and that's what I love about them. I couldn't go to the party and skip whatever plans Dina had to celebrate her birthday, so instead I called her up to try and convince her to join us.

Me: Hey babe!

Dina: I missed you! How was Dubai?

Me: Long story, trust me! I'll tell you more about it when I see you.

Dina: Sounds exciting, can't wait!

Me: So birthday girl or soon-to-be, I have a great idea to celebrate in style. Amr and Youssef got us invitations to a really nice Halloween party, it's supposed to be something exclusive and I'm sure you'll love it.

I tried to play it smoothly, as I knew Dina wasn't a big fan of going to a Halloween party on her birthday, she would much rather get her very own attention. I hope she doesn't shout at me...

Dina: Hmmm, not my cup of tea. Don't tell me you'll ditch me for a Halloween party, I know you won't do that to me.

Me: Of course I won't, but I'll talk to the guys to let them down easily.

Dina: Yes, please do.

Shit, now there's no party for me! See the thing is, I'm not really a party person, which I'm sure you guys figured out by now. However, I was pretty excited to attend a Halloween party, which was going to be my very first. Well, I think Dina would do the same for me if it was my birthday, unless of course she's going out with a super hot guy, in that case things would be a bit different.

I kept on thinking of another way I could still enjoy Halloween, as I had tons of costume ideas I wanted to experiment with. In that exact second, Youssef made his way to my office with a big smile on his face.

Youssef: So I finally decided who I'll be at the Halloween partyyy!

Me: Who?

Youssef: The great Karl Lagerfeld.

Me: Oh lala! It'll be perfect on you hehe

Youssef: Did you give it any thought yet?

Me: About that...

Youssef: Don't tell me you're bailing out!

Me: It's not that, but it's Dina's birthday and she doesn't want to go. She likes to have it spent in a bit more special way, you know what I mean?

Youssef: Yeah, she's a typical Scorpio. Oh well, how about you plan a surprise party for her? And while we're at it, it can also be a costume party. What do you say about that?

Me: Hmmm...

Youssef: Say yes, pleaseee.

Me: Okay! So will you guys ditch your event to come to Dina's birthday?

Youssef: As long as you're there my love!

Me: You're the best hehe

Now it's time to run this idea by Habiba and Mona. I created a group on WhatsApp and we started discussing...

Me: This Thursday is Dina's birthday, how about we go for a surprise party with a Halloween theme?

Habiba: I love the idea. Can't waittt :)

Mona: Are you sure she'll want that?

Me: Yeah I guess so. And the best thing about it, is that I'll be picking out a costume for her niahaha

Habiba: How about something on the fluffy side for a change?

Mona: Yeah a princess of some-kind, Sleeping Beauty or Cinderella perhaps?

Habiba: Hahaha OMG!

Me: How about Snow White? She'll kill us if we go for Cinderella, but she could learn to live a Snow White costume.

Mona: Perfect, can't wait!

Habiba: Me neither ;)

Part two of the plan is fully executed, all I need to do now is let her mum know what we're up to, buy our costumes, decoration, food and then invite the rest. For a moment there I had second thoughts as the "rest" would have to include Billy. I haven't seen him nor heard about him since I last saw him at Biba's engagement, which was super awkward, might I add.

I spent four straight hours calling up everyone (except Billy) and hitting different shops for the costumes, until I finally got lucky. Dina's going to kill me for the costume, but what the heck, it's going to be worth the laugh.

Next day, as soon as I stepped into the office I saw Nathalie and winked at her. She gets so confused when I do that, but that's why I do it. I open up my Facebook to check what I missed during the night and was in total shock. Billy's status popped up on my newsfeed, as if someone had highlighted it especially for me with a neon marker. Billy is in a relationship! That guy knows how to keep building up his jerk scale. I kept on staring at the screen, but nothing changed about it. I kept on asking myself why it's even bothering me, I was expecting it to happen sooner or later. So it's actually good it happened sooner (maybe not that soon) so I can move on faster.

For some reason (maybe it was jealousy or confidence, to be honest I had no clue) I walked to Nathalie's desk and told her: "Hey, Dina's birthday is on Thursday and it's a costume party. Make sure to pass on the info to Billy, as I'm sure she'll be expecting you guys there."

Nathalie: Oh ok! We might have other plans, but never mind we'll just cancel them.

Me: Cool.

I turned around trying to act really chilled. You don't care Luci, you couldn't give a shit about them. I guess what I just did proves that, and it'll certainly annoy Billy. Yes, that's always a plus! I went to Amr's office and Youssef was there talking to him about his costume.

Me: Does any work get done around here?

Amr: Why so serious Missy?

Me: Oh well, it was a joke, but I guess it shows when I'm a bit down. Actually really down!

Amr: What's wrong?

Youssef: Is everything okay?

So I told them about Billy's relationship update and they both tried to cheer me up. See, I was not sad, not at all, maybe disappointed and a bit hurt, but definitely not sad.

Youssef: I have a perfect idea! What's better than one hot date for you Luci?

Me: What?

Youssef: Two hot dates. Yes, you've heard that right, Amr and I will be your dates for Dina's birthday. We'll pamper you like never before hehe

And with that, I had their word to be there by my side at Dina's party, which was more than awesome.

So finally, the day came and Dina had no clue at all we had anything planned. Her mum tricked her into going shoe shopping as a birthday gift for her and when she comes back home, she would find us all there in our costumes screaming out SURPRISEEE!

The clock ticked 9 pm and we heard the keys along with Dina's mum voice. That was our cue to get ready, we shut off the lights and everyone was super quiet.

The moment Dina and her mum stepped in, we all shouted the word SURPRISE, except for Youssef who got a bit confused and said Trick or Treat. We all stared at him including Dina, and then we cracked up.

Dina: What? You guysss! I can't believe all of this is for me.

Me: Cut the crap, we know you're not that cute hahaha

Dina: You're right but I mean it, thank you guysss. Now where's my costume? Please tell me you've got something really sexy!

Dina's Mum: Great, I don't have to hear that. I'll see you guys later, ciao.

Me: See, you freaked your mum out haha

Dina: She's used to that, don't worry.

Me: Here's your super pretty costume! We thought about it a lot and then decided Snow White resembles you best.

Dina: Hahaha what? Snow White? You've got to be kidding me!

She wore it and might I add she looked like a really fluffy princess, she kept on looking at herself in the mirror and laughing out loud. Did I mention I got her the most covered up Snow White costume?

Dina: So why can you be sexy and I can't?

Oh, I forgot to tell you guys. I wore a Jasmine costume, and taking the words of others I looked pretty hot. Yayyy! Now here's what the rest wore, my first date Amr came as Superman and my second, might I add witty date Youssef was in a Karl Lagerfeld costume. Habiba and Rafik went for pharaonic costumes which they probably got from a museum's souvenir shop just like tourists do. Mona went for a burglar's outfit and she looked cool. Lastly, Billy wore Elvis Presley and the "cute" Nathalie went for Marilyn Monroe. Her choice was so expected!

The night went on smoothly, Dina had so much fun dancing and having her pictures taken at the photobooth we rented. We all ate so much candy and I'm pretty sure we had a sugar rush. I tried to avoid looking at Billy and Nathalie as she was all over him. Amr and Youssef were a great company keeping me entertained and I introduced Mona to Youssef, who seemed to be very into him. If only she knew she's not his type, neither am I for that fact!

Amr: I like seeing you smile like that.

Me: Really?

Amr: Yeah! You have an amazing smile hehe

Me: So are you trying to be nice to me because I was down and all?

Amr: Partly yes, but I also mean it.

Me: Okay, then time for a compliment from my side as well.

Amr: Which is?

Me: You're by far one of my favorite people. Like ever!

Amr: Let me get this straight, between the five people you know I'm on top of that list?

Me: Hahaha seven people if you count my parents. But like I said among my favorite friends ever...

Amr: Ouch, so I just got friend-zoned that easily?

Me: Well, no one said anything about you being friend-zoned. Because you're definitely not! I'm sure you know that.

Amr: Just trying to test the waters.

And before I could give him an answer or try to flirt a bit more, Dina distracted me, as she got scissors and started cutting out her Snow White dress into a "sexier" version shouting out loud: "Luci, that's more like it!"

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