"Good morning Luci!", said Amr while standing at my office's door.

Me: Morning boss!

Amr: Are you free now? I need to discuss something with you.

Me: Yeah sure, always have time for you.

Amr: Great! There's a new position open at the company and I think you should apply for it.

Me: Really? Tell me more...

Amr: Well, Mahmoud is leaving soon which means I'm looking for someone to fill the position of an Account Director.

Me: Oh WOW! And you think I should go for it?

Amr: Yeah, you should. It'll be open to all Account Managers at the company, but you know you'll be my favorite.

I blushed, not sure if it was a professional compliment or him being flirty. See, this guy is so hard to read. He's really mysterious and unpredictable, but that's what I like about him. Oh shit, did I say like? No, I can't like him, or at least if I do, it should be as a friend but not like like, you know what I mean?

Of course I was super excited to apply for the new position as it's a huge career shift, not to mention the salary, but I wanted to make sure it won't cause any awkwardness between Amr and me. I kind of have a mini crush on him, but if I were to be accepted in that position, it would mean I have to be more professional when dealing with him, as we'd be working closely. Hmm, if only I could go back a few months, and be as professional as I used to be before? That would certainly be weird. What to do Luci, what to do?

As I was heading to discuss one of our current projects with Youssef, I stumbled upon Sahar. You guys haven't heard of her for a long while, and for some reason we haven't been clashing either.

Sahar: Hey Luci.

Me: Hey, how have you been?

Sahar: Good! And you?

Me: Great, bombarded with work.

We continued making some fake talk, when Amr was passing by.

Sahar: Amr, I got your email about the new position. That's super exciting! I'm certainly applying for it.

Amr: Great, that makes two of you.

Sahar: Oh so Luci is applying too?

Amr: Are you Luci?

Me: Hmm, I guess so.

Sahar: Well, you don't seem too excited about it, you don't look like someone ready to take their career to the next step.

Luci: No trust me I'm excited Sahar.

I tried to finish up the conversation as soon as I could to avoid having Sahar trying to prove that she's more qualified for the position, which I don't think she is. You know those people who always like to prove out loud that they're better than anyone else? So, my not so dear colleague Sahar is certainly on top of that list.

I went over to Youssef's desk but he was on a break. I quickly looked over to Nathalie's desk and she was sitting there texting, as usual. I never saw that girl without her phone. I hope she's suffocating Billy with the lack of freedom and constant messaging she's doing. The thing I always tried to consider when I was with Billy, was to give him his space, or else he would have freaked out, which is kind of what he did anyways. Damn, men are so hard to figure out! Why can't people just say out loud what they're thinking. Life would be so much easier! I wish the same would go for me as well, I always have a hard time saying directly how I feel or just giving people a piece of my mind, just like I should have done when Sahar started talking about me not being excited about the position. You always know the right thing to say after the situation itself passes.

Another long day passes by at work, and I finally make it back home. I can't even tell you how awesome it feels to take off my bra after a long day. It's the best feeling ever! Now back to the promotion, should I apply for it, just go with the flow, and work on being more professional with Amr? While I was thinking and thinking in my own lala land, I got a WhatsApp from the super cute Amr.

Amr: Don't let whatever Sahar said bother you in any way. You know you work twice as hard as she does. Please tell me you'll apply for the position.

I waited a few minutes and then replied.

Me: I never pay attention to what Sahar says, she's just full of negativity. To be honest I'm still thinking about it...

Amr: That's what I don't get, why do you even need to think about it?

Me: For starters, I love what I do, and I might not be able to work as closely as I do with some of my favorite clients.

Amr: But for starters, you'll be working really closely with me. Isn't that like a big pro for you?

Me: Of course it is! So how's life been treating you?

Amr: Great actually. I have my eyes on a new victim ;)

Me: What is it with you and switching between girls?

Amr: I date the wrong ones, so up till now I haven't found the right one for me.

Me: Maybe you should go a bit slower to get to know them first? I think that's the problem :P

Amr: Oh dating tips from Luci hahaha

Me: Don't be so sarcastic. I happen to give great dating and relationship tips, yet suck when it comes to anything related to me.

Amr: I don't get it. You're such a beautiful girl with an amazing character, you shouldn't have any trouble having men chase you.

Me: Not interested in that :P

Amr: So what are you interested in?

Me: That one guy that would make me feel on top of the world. You know that feeling?

Amr: Please don't tell me we're talking about Billy again. That guy is an ass! Just saying lol

Me: No of course we're not. But you know what? I really miss him as a friend. He was the best friend any girl could wish for.

Amr: Yet a terrible boyfriend.

Me: Yeah...

The conversation went on for a bit, and then it was time for dinner with my parents. Of course they were both complaining on how little time I was spending with them, which is kind of true. I should definitely make more time for them, especially my dad, it felt like I haven't seen him in ages.

Right before I was heading to bed, Amr sent me another message on WhatsApp saying: "You're a special girl Luci, so stop thinking of Billy. Once you get rid of your feelings towards him you'll start seeing other possibilities."

What the hell does that mean? They always say people tend to text crazy thoughts at night and apparently it's the truth. Was Amr trying to be nice to me, just as a friend or did he mean himself? I decided to ignore the message in an attempt to try and keep things a bit more professional between us. I really wouldn't want anyone talking behind my back about how I only got the new position because there's something going on between Amr and I. Not that there's anything going on! Well, no one knows what this mysterious guy is thinking of. Is he playing the hot and cold game with me? Or is he just as confused as I am? Or maybe I'm over-thinking and he really cares about me as a friend.

The next day at work, Sahar was all glammed up, wearing quite a revealing dress, which certainly didn't belong to an office. But then again, her limited thinking made her believe that wearing such a dress would encourage Amr to give her the new position. I hope he doesn't bring it up today, because I still didn't make up my mind.

A bunch of us were talking near Youssef's desk about tons of different things, and he hadn't arrived to the office yet. One thing led to another, and Sahar started bragging about how she'll be leaving us soon and sitting elsewhere when she gets accepted as the new Account Director. I stared at her for a moment, not knowing what to do. Should I speak up or just let her blabber as much as she wants to? But then I decided to open up my mouth...

Me: Well, where you're going to sit should be the least of your worries. You're surely not taking the position because a new desk, are you?

Sahar: Of course not!

Me: Then don't make it sound like you are.

Sahar: I meant that I'm one of the most qualified people in the team to take that position after Mahmoud leaves.

I decided not to speak my mind after that comment, as I already saw how everyone's looking at her. What an arrogant thing to say! With the comment she gave, I decided that I should actually ignore everything else and just apply for the position. I won't let someone as Sahar be my new boss, that can't happen!

I was just on my way to Amr's office to ask him about how to properly apply, when Youssef just walked into the office.

Me: Dude where have you been?

Youssef: Meetings, meetings and meetings! Apparently Amr thinks I'm the new face of the company, and he's been sending me to meet up with potential clients, thinking it would encourage them to sign faster.

Me: Well, he certainly has a point. You're so handsome hehe

Youssef: Thanks sis!

I took him back outside of the office, and started telling him about the new position and why I was confused to apply for it. You know the whole internal drama I've been writing to you guys about, and he just replied saying: "You know what? I think you should apply for it, not only because you're qualified, but because I know for a fact Amr wants you to take that position. He's so fond of you, I can tell!"

And with that comment everything got confusing again. Should I chill and just apply for it, or not? You guys tell me. Please!

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