My phone rang on a Saturday morning at 7 am. Who the hell calls now? Maybe I should ignore it, it could be a random number trying to get lucky. So I cancelled without looking, but then it rang again! Now what?

Me: Hello?

Dina: Hi Luci

She didn't seem okay. She sounded like she's been crying, her voice was shivering. Dina barely cries, it must be something really bad!

Me: What's wrong love? Is everything okay?

Dina: Not really. Can you please come over?

Me: Of course I can. But please tell me what's wrong? I can't wait till I see you...

Dina: Please, let's just talk about it once you're here.

And with that, I jumped out of bed, got into some comfortable clothes and was about to storm out of the house.

Mum: Luci, where are you going this early?

Me: Dina called me crying so I need to check what's wrong.

Mum: Grab something to eat, you'll starve. Your face is turning yellow.

Me: I'll eat something there. Plus you just told me yesterday you're happy I look healthy. It can't change that quick hahaha

I finally made it to Dina's house, and it seemed like no one was there, other than Dina of course. Weird! Their house always has something going on. I knocked on her room's door, but no one answered, so I made my way in.

Me: Dina, are you here?

Dina: Yup.

She started talking, her eyes full of tears and when I heard what she had to say I was in shock. So shocked, I didn't even know what to say...

As she was walking me through the tragic story, I couldn't help but put myself in her shoes, in each and every bit of what has happened. A day ago, she borrowed her mother's phone to make a few calls from it. Her mum's phone kept on beeping with messages, and of course Dina got curious and opened, not expecting to find anything interesting in any way. To her surprise, it was a man texting her mother, not normal texts, but the kind of messages you get when you're in a romantic relationship with someone. Of course she didn't stop there, but decided to dig a bit more, and found out that this relationship has been going on for about four months now. Could you imagine how she felt when she found out her mum was cheating on her dad? I personally couldn't, poor Dina! But things didn't end here, there's more.

Dina found tons of pictures of that guy on her mum's phone, who by the way is only a few years older than us, he's one of the popular guys around town, (God knows why) and a total jerk for getting into a relationship with a married woman, who can almost be his own mother. How sick! 

At that moment, and while Dina was searching more, her mum walked into her room and she could tell from her look that Dina knew. She tried to pull the mobile out of her hands, but Dina told me she burst into tears telling her: "Why mum, why? Why would you do something like that? To dad and to me?"

Of course her mum didn't have much to say about it. She tried to explain that things weren't that great between her and her dad lately, and that she was trying really hard to make their marriage work. She told her her life had gotten boring, and her dad neglected her for his constant work trips. I personally get that relationships don't always have a sparkle, especially if you've been married for thirty years, but come on, cheating is not okay under any circumstances.

Dina and her mum talked for hours, her mum promised her she will end things right away, and begged Dina not to tell her dad. Dina wasn't able to sleep for a long while, but she fell asleep out of exhaustion. 

The next day, Dina woke up and went to check what her mum did about her affair. To her shock, her parent's room was empty. She went around the house to look for her, but she was no where to be found. Dina got suspicious, and when she took a closer look at her parent's room, she discovered that her mum had taken most of her stuff; perfumes, makeup, even her closet was almost empty.

Dina: She left me without even saying goodbye Luci! Can you imagine how that feels? She's a terrible mother. I hate her!

Me: Love, I can't begin to tell you how sorry I am. But don't say that please. Try to hold on to your happier memories with her.

Dina: And what about my dad? What will I tell him when he's back?

Me: It's not your responsibility, she has to deal with telling him. She can't just run off like that, and then expect you to take care of everything.

I stayed with Dina the whole day trying to take care of her and I insisted she comes back home with me, so both my mum and I would take care of her, and possibly try to cheer her up. Dina made me promise not to tell anyone about what she's going through. She was too embarrassed about it. Poor Dina, I can imagine it's really hard for her. I'll leave you guys with a final note...

The amount of anger I had towards her mother isn't describable, how can she do that to her family? With one irrational and childish act, she broke up a happy family. I just wish men or women who cheat would stop even for a second, and think about the consequences it would have on their family. It sometimes leaves them destroyed, but do they really care? For them, it's only a matter of being bored and with that, they leave everything and everyone behind.

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