5 Times Radwa El Sherbiny Sparked Debates About Controversial Topics

Jasmine Kamal
9/15/20, 12:00 AM

We're all well aware that Radwa El Sherbiny has become a focal point on social media over the past 2 days, where people were split and have voiced their opinions on what had recently happened on her show. As you know we always like to stay close to you, discussing important topics that you find significant. However, we remain as we've always been...a neutral medium, so there's no need for you to try and guess our opinion. We seek something that we think is far more important, which many seem to have overlooked, which is opening up conversations. No matter what your opinion or judgement is on the matter, you cannot deny that Radwa El Sherbiny's show 'Heya w Bas' has over years sparked debates and opened doors for conversations in our society that really needed to happen. After all, debate is the first step to change...

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Every woman has complete freedom when it comes to what she wears, what she doesn't wear, whether to wear a bikini or burkini, the hijab or not, which job to take, if she should cut her hair, get married or not, have children or not. These choices don’t determine who’s better or right. Neither us nor anyone could make such judgments.

Radwa El Sherbiny and the hijab

After just a few minutes from one of her episodes for ‘Heya w Bas’ caused an uproar and heated debate on social media over the past few days. It started with her response to one of the problems presented to her about a woman struggling with accepting how she looks in the hijab. Radwa began to support and encourage her to keep her hijab on. She also talked about the strength of hijabis and how they’re better. And so, people took it to social media to voice their concerns about that. 

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If you look at this from a wider angle, you will realize that you’ve heard this opinion multiple times before....from a friend, family member, hijabis, non hijabis and even random strangers. It's not too far off from the decision to take off or wear the hijab and how society views that. Isn't it necessary to talk about these things? Isn't it time for us to see that discrimination is not just a word, but has become an act that we practice on a daily basis without looking back. Everyone is constantly criticized, whether you choose to wear a bikini or a burkini. That is why I believe that this debate is the beginning of change, for each of us to look at ourselves in the mirror and begin to redeem our actions, words, and judgements. To watch ourselves closely, are we being judgemental and discriminating against others, even with the simplest things?

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Radwa El Sherbiny speaks out against sexual harassment 

In the last period, with the emergence of many cases of girls who were victims to harassment, sexual assault and rape, it was necessary to see people speak up and support these brave women. And although all social media pioneers reacted and posted their support and encouragement to take legal steps and speak up, it was a video and a tweet by Radwa El Sherbiny that really stood out and made an impact. Not only did she support these girls with her words, but she was ready to go with them to the authorities to report those criminals. She also helped provide the necessary support to one of the girls, who was contemplating suicide.

This opened doors of discussion in the media, about the role of media presenters, influential people, and celebrities when it comes to these issues, which are happening every day and every hour. Isn't it necessary for those who have the power of a platform to start talking about these issues?! Wasn't it powerful and incredible when celebrities started making videos talking about assault and harassment, joining campaigns in support of these women and girls?

Radwa El Sherbiny on children's clothes

In one of the episodes, a children's clothing designer was a guest, showcasing some of her designs on kids that were probably under the age of ten. This episode caused a lot of controversy due to a comment from Radwa on one of the outfits that showed the girl's stomach. She jokingly hinted at how we shouldn't have them get used to wearing revealing clothes.

Her comment is something that's also not too unfamiliar among our society and families. It's something we've heard before, but it sparks a controversial conversation about an extremely problematic issue which is how we shouldn't be sexualizing children's bodies in any way. However, others like many older people in our families see it simply as a form of protection from a society that harasses girls and women in the streets constantly for what they're wearing. But shouldn't we also be teaching our girls to not give into society's sick ways and that their clothes shouldn't be determined by their standards of what's okay?

Radwa El Sherbiny’s support of women seen as an ‘attack on men’?

If you’ve been following ‘Heya w Bas’ for a while, you would have noticed that the show, and even the name is primarily directed to women, to support them and help them take care of their problems or any matters related to them. That’s why it was natural that there were many problems related to what a woman gets exposed to from a man, whether it's someone she’s dating, her husband, her brother, her manager at work or others. And you may agree or disagree with where Radwa stands on these matters and how she talks about men during her show, which some describe as an ‘attack on men’. Or you may merely choose to see it as ‘support for women.’ But whatever your opinion is, you can’t deny that these problems were always a closed box that had to be opened.

So, with the constant talk on social media about whether it’s an attack or not, there was always a brighter side to the story. Which is that the discussion is happening in the first place. It brings light to even bigger problems and issues that deserve more talk and debate.

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Radwa El Sherbiny on divorce

There is no doubt that this was one of the most popular topics among social media throughout the five seasons of the program. Divorce and separation was discussed in more than one episode, as well as what women are exposed to after it. Before, these topics were not discussed and addressed in the same way. A lot of the time, she would even reference her own personal experience with divorce. People here fall into a debate saying that is great support for women to help them find their strength and independence while others say that it is too encouraging towards divroce.

Everyone perceives it differently, but again it has opened a door for a discussion about divorce, separation and what most women go through when it comes to that. Also a lot of women took to social media to also talk about their experiences. 


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