Everyone describes the 30s as sort of your prime years. You've grown a lot, seen a lot and matured a lot, with a strong sense of who you are and a confidence that you've worked hard on getting. However, there is of course like with any age, the societal pressures of where you should be in life right now considering your age. But what is your perspective though? How differently do we see relationships in our 30s? Today we're talking about just that...relationships, love and dating in your 30s.

For Your 20s: How We View Love and Relationships at That Age

How we view love and relationships in our 30s

Despite people pressuring you about how you should be married by now, or that your friends already have kids, a lot of people actually say that your 30s are the best years for dating. So it doesn't matter if you've always been single, you've dated or you've been married before, the 30s are a great age to get into relationships because you have a better sense of who you are and what you want. 

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Appreciation of the single life

Some people reach a point where they are finally able to shut off the looks and words they get about being single in their 30s and they finally accept that being single is great and has taught them so much about themselves, making them ready for much more healthy and secure relationships. You also learn to be happy single and accept that you should find happiness on your own before finding someone, and that your happiness shouldn't depend on anyone. 

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You have more experience 

Whether you've been married, been in a relationship before or not, you can't deny that in your 30s you would have had a lot more experiences and knowledge. You're also very much aware of that, and you go into things a lot more confidently, but also with more caution. You know what you want and you pick based on what you really think is right for you. 

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Your perceive love differently 

You realize what's really important in a relationship and seek that. You start to care less about what people want you to do or what people are saying love and relationships should be like and you start seeking what you've known deep down to be what you really want. This is really important because it's often a mistake we all fall into earlier on, which is getting into relationships we've been told are right or idealizing relationships that might not really be what's best for us. 

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Committing in your 30s

Despite being very careful with who you commit to you, once you find someone you know is right for you, it's a lot easier for you to commit. However, you're in no rush and you don't really settle. You want to make sure this is the person for you. Once you're ready to take these serious steps and you're a lot more focused about the future, you start looking for a life partner and you’re excited to build your life and family with this person, but again not just any person. A lot of people in their 30s don't like waisting their time with someone they know in their gut isn't right or with whom they know things won't out in the future. 

Breakups and divorces 

If you've been divorced before your 30s or you broke up after being in a long term relationship for all your 20s, for some people it had to do with marrying young and having romanticised the idea of what a marriage, relationship and life with this person is. For others, they just changed, grew apart and started to want different things. In both cases it teaches you a lot and you really begin to see what's really important, what works and what doesn't in a realtionship. Despite being difficult to move on from, you start appreciating your freedom and begin to see yourself and who you want to be, apart from these relationships. Which can be very empowering and an important part of your growth and happiness. 

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