Although career shifting has become so common lately, it is still one of the scariest things for a lot of people no matter how much they are passionate about something and wish it was their job. Yes, it's a brave decision to give up on your current job and start working in what you're into the most because this is a lifetime decision that will influence many aspects in life. It becomes even harder -sometimes even impossible- for people who are 30 or above, especially that they probably have been working for years in a job that provided them with huge experience in their field and with financial stability as well. The main barrier between anyone with a dream and achieving it is usually this thought: "But how will I start all over again? It's too late!" Some people actually continue doing things they do not like just for the fear of change. Well, I believe in the saying: "Your comfort zone will kill you!", and today, I've brought you a bunch of reasons why it is actually never too late to shift your career to something you're truly passionate about even if you're over 30. Follow up and make sure you read the following points:

1. Your goals are actually changeable!

Who said that if you decide at the age of 16 that you'll be a doctor, that doesn't mean you just can't change your mind about what you want to do in your life at another age. Unfortunately, most of us are raised that life goals should be strictly constant when they actually shouldn't be! Today you want to stay single; tomorrow you decide that you need to make a family; it's totally okay! Same applies to the work life. It doesn't make sense that you stay in a job that consumes 40 hours per week, or 2,000 hours a year from your life just because you fear change. The older you get, the more you will tend to think of what you should've done with your life that made you happily enjoy it more.

2. Get over the "It's too late to do what I've always dreamed of" thought

Who determines the delay in changing the track? Only you! You will probably receive discouraging reactions on what you're considering to do; just don't listen. Face your fear of realizing your dream by gradually devoting some time in the morning or after work to practice what you love. By time, you will get to know which thing makes you enjoy your time the most and that will help you reserve your greatest time for it.

3. Be sure that there is no such thing as "I will become jobless/I won't be able to gain another job"

There is always the fear of changing the whole career because you might wonder what if you didn't make it to your goal after shifting? Or how will you be accepted in another job afterwards when you left your field for sometime? Many human resources experts said that you will be treated like any advanced person, and perhaps your employer will be impressed by your courage to change your entire direction. However, you also have to take this change seriously to make the most of your shifting decision.

4. Be ready to enjoy starting from the "bottom"

Guess what? This is the best part! You might think that starting from point zero is a discouraging thing when actually it isn't! There is no doubts that your abilities and previous experiences will make you like no one else, but what is crucial is to learn everything about the basics of the career you chose to shift to even if you believe you are naturally talented in it. In other words, invest the skills and talents you already have along with learning new things about this career.

5. Yes, you can start studying at your age!

We live to learn! It's not a shameful thing whatsoever to develop your knowledge in a certain field no matter what your age is. It's kind of adding to your experience by joining courses or workshops. This will help you quickly engage in the work field you choose and will surely increase your experience and potentials of success in this new profession.

Main image credits: Instagram @wolfiecindy