Isn't building a family and having children the dream of almost every girl?. Well, after going through marriage, most families in the eastern societies start thinking about having a baby, regardless of whether or not they are ready. Also, what many couples are unaware of is that the deciding to bring a child to this world isn't a trivial decision. A couple should analyse their relationship very well before taking the step of having kids. Although many relationships have very obvious signs that they are not ready to have children, they never notice them; that's why we decided to bring you these 'you're not ready to have kids' reasons in a condensed list to remind you to think really well before deciding to get pregnant.

1. You don't have stable housing conditions

Most couples start their lives in temporary housing because of it's low price. Thus, they're constantly moving around to different places. In this case, the situation does not seem appropriate for having a child that will, for sure, be in great need of a stable, permanent home to stay in. This is because most children do not adapt to new places quickly, and constantly living in different homes will affect their psychological state negatively and their sense of belonging. Thus, make sure to settle in a home and provide stable housing conditions before you decide to bring a new family member to the world.

2. You're constantly fighting with your partner

There is no doubt that the first year of marriage is the hardest. The first period is usually full of challenges. However, don't fall into the trap of mistaking critical fights for being 'trivial' daily couple arguments. If you notice that the smallest discussion always ends up developing into a major fight, then your house does not seem to be a suitable environment for having a child. It is not recommended at all to raise a child amidst constant quarrels, stress and tension.

3. One (or both) of you feel like having a child will affect your future/career

Everyone knows that having a baby will greatly affect their future. Women in particular feel like motherhood will deprive them of a lot things, including be able to continue working and successful. Therefore, always make sure you choose the right timing, when you feel like you can make time for your kid. Feeling like your child is an obstacle for your goals will affect how much you're willing to give as a parent. 

4. You're always stressed and psychologically unstable

How will you be able to take care of another human being and provide them the security they need if you're not feeling well? Peace comes from within, and if you still don't feel peaceful and you're always stressed, then postpone having a kid. Financial instability also might cause a stressful lifestyle. That's why you should sort your financial issues with your partner first to be able to provide your kid with everything they need.

5. You don't feel like having a baby

If you and hime don't share that same desire, then don't take that a step! You should both really want this baby and be looking forward to making a wonderful environment for raising him/her. Also, you and your partner might not want to have kids now, but you're feeling pressure from families always asking and expecting a baby so decide to have one. Don't do it unless you feel like it, no one will take care of the baby for you. Don't aim to satisfy your family when you're not ready to handle it. As long as you do not feel like having a child, you have to wait. 

Main Image credits: Instagram @steph.pollock