Being pregnant for the first time is an incomparable happiness. We all know that the first thing a new mother does, is that she goes shopping for her expected boy/girl. However, after the delivery, she gets shocked by how half the clothes she bought for her baby almost goes to waste and aren't fitting the baby. Some clothes end up not being worn by the baby even once.

Well, because we know all of this, we've brought you tips on how to pick your newborn baby's clothes and even make them stay the longest period possible. Don't miss out!

1. Get clothes that are one size larger than your baby's original one. Babies grow up so fast during their first months till 3 years old. That way, you'll guarantee that the clothes will fit for the longest period possible. Also don't buy a lot of clothes with the same size, they won't stay fitting.

2. Don't assume your baby's size. Avoid buying them winter clothes in summer, and vice versa. You never know how much your baby will grow from one season to the other. So keep everything for its time.

3. Pick pieces that are forgiving even after your baby grows a little or gets taller. These pieces would be overalls for boys and dresses for girls.

4. Avoid picking artificial materials or ones that aren't smooth enough such as polyester because that might be itchy for your baby's smooth skin. As we might all know, a baby's skin is so sensitive in their first months. Instead, always make sure to choose soft fabrics such as cotton.

Main image credits: Instagram @mae_and_rae