How can I tell if I am pregnant? A question that many married women with no pregnancy experience usually asks. That’s why I decided to provide you with 10 early pregnancy signs that will help every married woman tell if she’s pregnant or not. These early pregnancy signs might happen two weeks prior to having your period and, it might continue for the first three months of your pregnancy.

Besides being late on your period, there are 10 other early pregnancy signs that will help you tell if you’re pregnant or not:

1. Your breasts become sensitive and fuller:  One of the major signs of early pregnancy is a change in your breasts. With pregnancy comes hormonal changes to your body, which will lead to very sensitive breasts and fuller in size.

2. You always feel tired and sleepy: The reason why you’re feeling like that is because the Progesterone hormone ratio has increased in your body.

3. Your appetite will grow and you’ll crave food more than ever:  One of the most obvious early pregnancy signs is the change in your appetite, due to hormonal changes.

4. You’ll be going to the bathroom a lot: If you find yourself urinating more than usual, then it's definitely a sign of early pregnancy. 

5. You’ll feel dizzy and unstable: Another obvious early pregnancy sign is low blood pressure, which will leave you feeling dizzy and unstable.

6. You’ll experience mood swings and feel emotional: It is no shocker that pregnancy can cause mood swings. So, one of the most important signs of early pregnancy is sudden mood swings, and feeling sensitive to everything around you.

7. You’ll feel nausea: One of the early signs of pregnancy is nausea, it can happen any time of the day, but not all women vomit after. You might also notice that you might get irritated by some smells, like perfume and food which could lead to vomit after.

8. You might experience headaches and back pain: Another sign of early pregnancy, every married woman should know is the experience headaches and back pains.

9. You might get constipated:  With the increase in the Progesterone hormone ratio in the female body because of pregnancy will cause constipation.

10. Mild vaginal bleeding: Of the most important signs of early pregnancy would be mild vaginal bleeding, it’s probably because the zygote made a contact with your womb’s wall. It usually causes a minor bleeding.