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43 Things to Expect in Your 3rd Trimester: Your Body, Baby, Emotions

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1/6/20, 12:00 AM

You're at the last stage of your pregnancy! We hope you're feeling excited and doing well. You've come a long way and you must be exhausted, so let's do what we can to make sure you're prepared and ready for your final and third trimester, which goes on from around weeks 28 to 40. As we did with the 1st and 2nd trimesters we're going to be telling you about the common third trimester symptoms and what to expect in your 3rd trimester from your body, baby and emotions. 

So, here's what to expect in your third trimester:

Your Body

1. You will start to feel more fatigue, which will need you to rest more often. 

2. You should start preparing for labour because it could happen earlier than you expected, which your doctor would have discussed with you. 

3. False labor pain or Braxton Hicks may also happen at this stage.

4. Difficulty breathing. Go to your doctor if it gets too much. 

5. Ache in your abdomen. 

6. Labour usually happens around weeks 38 to 42. 

7. Labor signs are regular strong contractions and of course your water breaking. (Ask your doctor in advance how you can monitor your contractions)

8. Heartburn. 

9. Back pain.

10. Hip Pain

11. Start packing your hospital bag.

12. Peeing a lot. 

13. Hemorrhoids can also happen at this stage 

14. During the last few weeks your breathing might start getting better as the baby drops down a little. 

15. Swelling of the ankles and feet. 

16. The excess fluid retention could also cause your fingers to swell. 

17. Stretch marks. 

18. Weaker bladder control. Tiny drops of pee might come out if you laugh, cough or sneeze too hard. 

19. Your breasts will have grown so much, you might need to get a supportive bra to help if there's any back pain. 

20. Vaginal discharge.

21. Constipation

22. Weight gain.  

Your Baby

1. They could start having hair growth on their head.

2. The baby will kicking strongly. 

3. The senses will be be stronger, so he/she will start listening to your voice. 

4. Babies can now fully open and close their eyes.

5. The baby's body temperature no longer has to rely on the amniotic fluid. The brain has developed now strongly enough now to control its body's temperature on its own. 

6. The baby will be able to actually sense when there's a change in light. 

7. At around 7 months the baby will start forming bones. 

8. Remember the fine hair coat we talked about in the 2nd trimester, the baby will actually now start shedding it. 

9. Your baby can actually have dreams now because of the brain's strong development. 

10. After around 30 weeks, the baby starts growing almost half a pound every week. 

11. As the baby's growing the space will start to feel tighter.

12. The baby will start curling into the fetal position.  

13. During the final few weeks, the baby will start preparing for birth by turning him or herself head down and bottom up. 

Your Emotions 

1. Having weird, very vivid dreams. 

2. You might be feeling anxious and worried about being close to birth. Take a deep breathe, talk to a mom or someone who's going through the same thing and read about what's to come next so you can be prepared. 

3. It could start hitting you that you're going you become a parent, which can be exciting and scary. Remember it's totally fine to be worried and scared, just talk about your fears out loud and discuss them with someone who'll relate and understand/ 

4. Forgetfulness.

5. Clumsiness.

6. Sleeping will be difficult, because of your belly and maybe even anxiety. 

7. Sex and orgasms are usually safe. But, it could be hard because of your belly so finding different comfortable sex positions could help. (Consult your doctor about sex to make sure there isn't any risk, especial for those at risk of premature labour)

8. Worrying about weight gain and body image. It's common and normal, but try to not put too much pressure on yourself and remember that this is a process. Your body is incredibly strong and is literally growing another human inside of it. Don't compare yourself to other pregnant women's bodies. Every body is different and experiences pregnancy differently. 

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