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43 Things to Expect in Your 2nd Trimester: Your Body, Baby, Emotions

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12/9/19, 12:00 AM

Congratulations, you're done with your 1st trimester and you have two more to go. You 2nd trimester will start and end around weeks 13 to 28. The last time, we talked about your first trimester symptoms and this time we're focusing on what will happen to your body, baby and mental health in your second trimester of pregnancy. Every woman is different and every pregnancy is different, but a few common and general symptoms could help prepare you for what's to come...

So, here's what to expect in your second trimester:

Your Body

1. This is considered the most commonly comfortable trimester, compared to the first and third, for a lot of women. 

2. UTI or an infection in your urinary tract. They're common but you should get it check and treated by your doctor right away.

3. Your breasts will start to get bigger.

4. Cramping in your leg, especially at night. Make sure you stretch and stay active.

5. Sensitive gums.

6. Back pain.

7. Less nausea.

8. Growing appetite. You can start to enjoy the taste and smell of food, unlike the first trimester. 

9. The pregnancy belly will start to appear. Your tummy will start growing to make space for your growing baby. 

10. Growing weight gain.

11. Blocked and stuffy nose because of hormonal changes. 

12. Congestion and you may start snoring. 

13. Discharge. It's normal to see vaginal discharge. But if there's any itching, pain, irritation or unusual scents, get it checked.

14. Getting dizzy and needing to lie down.

15. Puffiness and swollen feet and ankles.

16. Brown spots on face/pigmentation.

17. Stretch marks around your body. They're usually noticeable around the thighs, hips and breasts.

18. False labor pain or Braxton Hicks. You might feel contractions that are uncomfortable, but shouldn't be extremely painful. They should be irregular, if they start getting regular, constant or painful, you should see your doctor immediately. 

19. Hemorrhoids.

20. A dark line down the center of your tummy. 

21. Discomfort sleeping. It might be time to get a pregnancy pillow. 

22. Sex drive might increase because of more blood flow to the genitals. However, it's normal for some women find their sex drive decreasing in the second trimester. 

23. Hormones can increase hair growth on your body. 

Your Baby

1. Finding out the sex of your baby.

2. Regular heartbeats that you will start hearing at your appointments. 

3. Small hairs will start to appear on the baby's body. 

4. Dead skin cells and an oily layer will cover the body to protect it.  

5. The baby will grow eyelashes and eyebrows.

6. Regular doctor appointments to constantly check on the baby's growth and health. 

7. He/she will start blinking.

8. Eyes will start opening.

9. They start to smell and hear as well.

10. You will start to feel the baby kicking.

11. The baby can start tasting the food through the amniotic fluid (fluid surrounding him/her).

12. The digestive system is fully functioning so they'll be peeing as well. 

Your Emotions

1. Anxiety about birth and labour.

2. Worrying about the responsibility of parenthood and taking care of your baby.

3. Mood swings might get better compared to the first trimester.

4. Feeling all over the place and unorganized. 

5. Could be feeling emotional because of a lot of changes in your body and baby. 

6. Forgetful 

7. Stressing about everything that needs to be prepared and planned for the baby.

8. Starting to feel a stronger emotional connection to your baby because of the kicking and regular heartbeats. 

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