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25 Ways to Sleep Fast and Get a Good Night's Sleep

Author Sara Khalil
Time 6/7/20, 12:00 AM
25 Ways to Sleep Fast and Get a Good Night's Sleep

If you’re one of the people who don’t enjoy a deep and a good night’s sleep, then you’re probably doing something wrong with you pre-bedtime preparations! Sleep can be tricky because it depends on so many things, from our physical and mental health. But don’t worry, we have 25 tips on how to sleep through the night and how to fall asleep fast.

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25 tips for how to fall asleep fast and sleep better naturally:

1. Neither hungry nor full!

Before you go to bed make sure you’re not hungry or full, both cases will give you stomach aches and will keep you from getting a good night’s sleep.

2. Your atmosphere


Image Credits: Urban Outfitters

Make your bed and put everything back into its place. Also, leave on a night light, this will make you feel relaxed and will help you fall asleep faster, resulting into a good night’s sleep and falling asleep fast.

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3. Relaxing hot drink


Image Credits: Deliciously Plated

Another tip to get a good night’s sleep is to drink something hot before you go to bed, like chamomile, lavender, hot milk and cocoa or hot milk, and cinnamon. Drinking something hot relaxes your body and helps you fall asleep faster.

4. Fix your sleep

Having a fixed sleeping schedule, where you wake up at the same time during every single day of the week contributes in getting a good night’s sleep.

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5. Stay away from caffeine

Avoid drinking caffeine before going to bed if you want to get a good night’s sleep. Not only does it increase irritability, but too much of it can cause anxiety, which is a major insomnia cause. 

6. Relax your neck

To get a good night’s sleep, put only one pillow under your head, neck pains are a major reason for sleep deprivation.

7. Set your mind and body in a relaxed mood


Image Credits: Anne Sage

Try to relax and make time for yourself before going to bed. For example, reading a book, taking a hot shower, or listening to soft music will help your mind relax to get a good night’s sleep.

8. Your alarm

Don’t adjust your morning alarm to a noisy tone; instead, use a soothing sound or an ascending tone. Waking up gradually will prevent you from any long day headaches.

9. The bedding

Did you know that mattresses and pillows are a huge factor in a good night’s sleep? Yes, they are, choosing the right type will help your body relax and feel cozy when you go to bed.

10. Exercise


Image Credits: The Healthy Maven

Daily workouts help you sleep better at night, so make it a routine and a part of your life if you want to get a regular good night’s sleep.

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11. Please leave your phone

Checking your phone before going to bed will prevent you from getting a good night’s sleep. Your phone's light in the dark makes your mind active, and not ready to go to sleep and relax.

12. Your sleeping position

The best sleeping position to get a good night’s sleep is by laying on one side of your body and leaning your head forward a little bit. Sleeping on your back can lead to back pain and sleeping on your stomach can cause neck and back pain as well. 

13. Stop the negative thoughts

A nice exercise to do before going to sleep is to try to think positively, remember memories that bring you joy and make you feel content and relaxed. Be conscious of when a negative thought comes and stop it instead of letting your mind dwell on it for too long. Positive thinking helps the mind and body relax to go into deep and good night’s sleep.

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14. Sleep Apps

If you want to use technology to help you get a good night’s sleep, then you can download apps that guide you to breath better or gives you instructions on how to relax before going to bed.

15. Therapy 

Some people have a problem with sleep that needs therapy and professional help and there's nothing wrong with that. Also, sometimes you have to go back to the root cause of the problem so you can solve it. Disturbed sleep and insomnia can be due to many mental health problems, among them, PTSD and anxiety.

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16. Dark and Night Shift Mode

If leaving your phone is hard, at least turn it to dark mode and night shift. Also, decrease the brightness. It is still not good for you, but its better than nothing. 

17. Meditate 

Mediation is hard, but it can do wonders for your sleep. Take 5 minutes before bed to learn practicing mediation. You can even use guided meditation apps that are so relaxing they can actually help you feel asleep. 

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18. Spray your room and pillow


Image Credits: Via Pinterest

No one is unfamiliar with the power of scents. Pillow sprays and room sprays infused with relaxing notes like lavender can make such a difference when combined with some of these tips. It can really soothe the body and mind.  

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19. Breathing exercises

Practicing breathing exercises can be life-changing and although hard at first, with practice it can be a routine that can magically help with your anxiety and sleep. 

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20. Rubbing essential oils

The power of scents comes in again. Use calming essential oils, like lavender before bedtime, massaging drops on your forehead and between the eyebrows.

21. Don't nap!

Naps can ruin your sleeping pattern and stop you from being able to fall asleep at night, even if you're tired. Try to restrain from them during the day and take it as an opportunity to start going to bed earlier and fixing your sleeping schedule.

22. Listen to nature

There are amazing Apps with soothing nature sounds, like rain, fire, ocean, and even bedtime stories, that are meant to help you fall asleep just like we used to when were babies. 

23. Watch something you know and love

If you're feeling nervous and your mind is working non stop, watch a show or movie that you've seen a million times before and it helps clear your head and relax. You can even close your eyes and keep the sound on. 

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24. Take a bath


Image Credits: Instagram: @_justynaniko_

Baths can do miracles for our body and mind. It relaxes all tense muscles and can really help those who suffer from anxiety. Try taking a warm bath, infused with relaxing salts and essential oils, before bed and you'll notice the difference.

25. Write

Sometimes before bed, your mind goes a million places, from all the things that bothered you and your worries about the future to the list of things you have to do tomorrow and how you want to remember to pay your credit card bill. One way to help is to actually open your notebook or notes on your phone and just write everything down in detail...

All the things you want to do tomorrow and even write out and vent everything you're scared of and angry about. This will help clear the chaos in your head and release a lot of worry, anger, and tension.  It could also help you notice that things aren't as bad as they seemed and that your mind has elevated everything into being 10 times worse. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @amelialiana

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