A lot of people question the usefulness of nightstands, thinking it's just a waste of space. However, there are so many things you can keep next to your bed that can help make your bedtime cosy and relaxing. Yes, not all of these are necessary but they could really provide a beautiful energy to your night and make things a little easier. 

Here are some bedside table essentials

1. A Lamp or reading light

Try not to pick something not too bulky to leave space for other things. 

2. A book/kindle

Reading before bed is much better than a screen, it helps relax the body and provides a better night sleep.

3. A notebook

For when you wake up the middle of the night with a dream you don't want to forget. Also, for when you can't sleep because there are a lot of anxious thoughts running through your head, you can down everything and it will release a lot of the anxiety and put your mind to rest. 

4. Small picture frame

Have a picture of someone or something that brings you joy to give you positive energy before bed and to make you smile every time you catch a glimpse of it. 

5. Small plant

Put a small plant in a cute pot, especially one that provides positive energy to a space, like lavender, sage or peace lily.  

6. Essential Oil and diffuser 

Lavender oil and a diffuser are heavenly for a relaxing scent to help you dose off to sleep. Rubbing lavender essential oil on your temples and wrists also really helps. 

7. Candle

Pick a relaxing candle scent or a refreshing one to start your mornings the right way.

8. Energy crystals

Some people swear by them, so try them out. Besides, they're also gorgeous so it's a win for decor.

9. Pillow spray 

A deep sleep pillow spray or room spray is amazing for the days you're being too fidgety and having a hard time relaxing.

10. Himalayan salt lamps 

They are believed to help with better sleep and provide a good energy in a room. Also, they can be a good way to a have soft dim light when you're sleeping.  

11. Pre-bedtime medications

12. Water bottle

13. Ear plugs

Essential if you're a light sleeper or you're married to a snorer.

14. Heating eye mask

These are like sleeping masks, but they naturally heat up to provide a relaxing, soothing feeling on your eyes. I tried them and I love them so much, I fall asleep in the most relaxing way.

15. Jewelry dish

It's so much easier to have this next your bed so you can take off your rings, bracelets, necklaces and watch, right before bed and easily put them on in the morning. You can also keep a hair clip and hair ties. 

16. Handcream/oil

This is the time for a thick, heavy hand cream or oil that you would usually stay away from during the day. Now you can apply it, sleep and have it do it's magic all night. 

17. Nail File

For the accidents that need a nile file asap or you'll end up doing something you'll regret, like the biting your nail. 

18. Lip balm

A thick lip balm or lip mask is ideal for bedtime.

19. Mints

This is for when you wake up early and you want to snuggle with your hubby before you get up, or you're about to get some action and don't have time to run to the sink to brush your teeth. 

20. Speakers

Sometimes you need something to entertain you a bit before you fall asleep, and TV is not good for you, so listening to relaxing instrumental music or podcasts would be really nice. 

Main Image Credits: Instagram @themoptop