Insomnia can be one of the most annoying things ever! But have you ever thought of the foods that can help you sleep? Staying up late for one night can literally irritate your sleeping habits for an entire week. You may think that sleeping pills are the only solution, but you're wrong! Did you know that there are eight foods that can help you sleep better at night? Don't dwell in taking lots of sleeping pills while you have these types of food in your kitchen...

1. Lettuce.

Believe it or not, lettuce contains certain endorphins that are exactly similar to opium. Indulge in a bowl of salad full of lettuce and this will assure you better sleep at night.

2. Chamomile tea.

Chamomile tea on its own can relax your muscles and help you sleep for 8 hours continuously per night. Not only will it help you sleep, but also it can act as a great pain killer! 

3. Foods rich in Tryptophan.

Have you ever asked yourself why you feel sleepy after eating certain foods? This is due to a substance called Tryptophan, thats aids in sleeping better. Foods like turkey, brown rice, fish, tuna, figs, and bananas are highly rich in this magical substance.

4. Whole grains.

Brown rice, whole grain bread, brown crackers and brown pasta are very easy to digest and can promote sleep in a great way.

5. Oatmeal.

How about you sprinkle some oatmeal on your cup of yoghurt? Not only does oatmeal taste really good, but also it could be soothing enough to help you get the best sleep ever.

6. Honey.

Increase the odds of a successful night's sleep and have a spoonful of honey before you head to bed, so you can relax more. Honey has a magical substance named oroxine that can clear your mind instantly.

7. Fish

Salmon and sardine are one of the best types of fish that can help you sleep faster. All you need to do is fill your plate with salmon or sardine and you'll sleep better.

8. Foods rich in magnesium.

Did you know that if your body is low on magnesium, you won't be able to sleep at night? Load up on foods rich in magnesium such as dark leaves, molasses, rice, cashew nuts, bananas, and beans and you will become a healthy sleeper.