Do you suddenly feel dizzy in the middle of the day? Load up on these foods or snacks that can help you a lot when you're feeling dizzy. It could happen when you least expect it: when you are out of the house, or the moment you get your period.

You should never ignore this symptom when you're PMSing.

It is important to always keep a few snacks on hand in your purse to have when you are feeling dizzy. So, check out these nine foods that you should eat when you are feeling dizzy and don't worry about as they can all fit in your handbag.

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Here's what to eat when dizzy:

1. Fruits

Fruits are filled with water and contain many nutrients, such as fibers, potassium, and vitamins. Load up on bananas, peaches, apples, or even grapes when you are feeling dizzy.

2. Nuts

Thank goodness for the various types of nuts that we can find everywhere. Almonds, cashews, and walnuts are great snacks to eat when you are feeling light-headed as they contain fatty acids and vitamins. Make sure you always have a variety of nuts at home or in your purse. They're small and won't take any space.

3. Vegetables

There is nothing better than snacking on slices of cucumbers, carrots, or other vegetables when you are feeling dizzy. They are rich in iron, potassium, and vitamins that can instantly help with dizziness. Make a decent salad plate and add all the veggies you have.

4. Ice Cream

Since we're already in the summertime, it will be a perfect opportunity to eat ice cream, especially when you're a little dizzy. The sugar in the ice cream can help with your blood pressure and this snack can keep you feel a bit better until you can sit down and have a proper meal.

5. Granola Bars

Nut granola bars are one of those snacks that contain both, protein and carbohydrates. Always keep granola bars in your bag as they can literally be lifesavers for when you're feeling light-headed and dizzy. 

6. Honey

Although it maybe too sweet for some people, honey is one of the best foods to eat when you are feeling dizzy. Honey is a quick acting carbohydrate that can help you get rid of your dizziness and raise your blood sugar immediately. If the taste is too string for you, add two table spoons of honey to any herbal tea, such as mint or cinnamon.

7. Soft Drinks

Even if you are not a fan of sodas, soft drinks are the fastest way to get some sugar into your bloodstream. So, whenever you are feeling light-headed, stop by the nearest market and sip on a soft drink. Don't make this a habit though because they're not healthy. Yes, they can only save you from the unbearable dizziness, but they're too sugary and loaded with preservatives.

8. Candy

We always recommend that every woman should have some candy in her purse. Choose your favorite candy or chocolate and have a couple of bites whenever you are feeling a little dizzy. It will sustain you until you sit down for a good meal.

9. No Salt

While this isn't typically a type of food, you should stay away from salty snacks when you're dizzy. Your body is telling you that it needs something sugary or a snack that contains vitamins or fibers. In fact, your dizziness could have been caused by a high sodium intake, so be careful.

Although the listed foods can help with the dizziness, we recommend visiting a doctor, especially when this happens to you regularly. There could be a serious reason behind your dizziness and foods won't help in that case. These foods are great temporary solutions, so make sure you check up on yourself with a doctor to know why you constantly feel lightheaded.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @negin_mirsalehi