We are unfortunately going through a time where all our mental health problems and struggles are being triggered and heightened. We are all suddenly forced to completely turn our life around and isolate ourselves in our homes. Leaving us feeling alone, far away from our support system and lost without the routine and the daily distractions we’re used to.

Unfortunately, a lot of us tend to push our mental health struggles to the side because they’re difficult to deal with and to accept. However, doing that doesn’t make them go away and sometimes it can actually make things worse. 

Seeking help through therapy and counseling has finally started to leave the bubble of taboos that we have long associated it with. But every now and then, we all still need a reminder that it’s okay to admit you’re not doing okay and it’s okay to seek professional help. 

Since some people find it difficult to take that step and most of us are stuck at home unable to attend therapy sessions, seeking help can be found in another form. Shezlong is a platform with a large number of therapists that you can talk to online and completely privately. You get to pick the therapist you want and book your online therapy session with the time slot that’s suitable for you. 

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But why seek help?

The thing that people tend to misunderstand about therapy, which causes them to choose not to take this step, is that it will help them find a solution to their problems. Therefore, this shuts down the idea for them because they don’t believe there are solutions to their problems. 

However, it is important to understand that therapy doesn’t offer solutions. It helps us understand ourselves better, develop self awareness, dig deeper into why we struggle with these mental health issues and eventually train us to be able to control and deal with those issues a lot better, so that it doesn't affect our lives and stop us from living the way we wish to live.


One of the most common mental health issues that people have been struggling with these days is anxiety. The distractions of everyday life can actually help distract people from their anxious thoughts. However, the current circumstances have triggered anxiety and stress for many people and caused them to struggle with sleeping and the ability to deal with life on a daily basis, even if they are just staying at home. 

Therapy can help us dig deep into the causes behind our anxiety, as well as actually deal with our anxiety better and develop techniques that can allow us to control it and calm our thoughts and the panic when it attacks.


Another mental health problem, that can be potentially very dangerous, is depression. When you’re suddenly forced to adapt to a lifestyle that might not be comfortable for you. It can make you feel alone and hopeless. The desire to do anything, want anything or even the ability to get out of bed is lost. With depression things can get really bad to the point where a person starts to feel numb. Nothing affects them, moves them, makes them happy or even makes them sad. 

It is extremely vital to seek help when it comes to depression because even though you might feel it’s useless now and it’s very difficult for you to take this step, therapy can really help you come out of depression by being able to acknowledge it, accept it, understand it and eventually help yourself -with self awareness- deal with it better throughout your life.


Another common issue that has heightened because of the quarantine is relationships. Married couples and even families are not used to being around each other for this much time. This unfortunately can bring to the surface a lot of unresolved issues and relationship struggles that were being avoided and forgotten about amidst the distractions of everyday life. The current circumstances are forcing these issues to arise and even be more heightened because they are individually struggling and stressed.

Relationships of any kind are difficult, and unresolved problems lead to a buildup of resentment and even bigger problems. Therapy can help people understand the person they’re struggling with more. It will help them gain perspective and be able to communicate in a much healthier and more productive way that can hopefully help both sides learn a lot more about themselves, the relationship and how to approach problems that will arise in the future. 

If you’re hesitant about therapy, try to look at it differently. Think of it as a gift to your future self, an exercise that can help you feel better, become better and come out stronger and more self aware. Doing online therapy with Shezlong is a good way to take the first step towards that, in the comfort of your home. Things that have held you back in the past, could seem a lot easier and the barriers that you held up can be easier to put down.

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