We all think, and sometimes overthink, about our first date with our love interest or potential partner. We think about all the possibilities, options and features about ourselves that we want to shine and come across to him. Even though, the important thing you should focus on in is being yourself completely and fully, there is nothing wrong with wanting to impress the guy and show him the most beautiful aspects of you. Whether you're a guy or a girl, your first date does cause you a lot of anxiety and nervousness, so we all need some small pieces of advice on the ways to have a  great first date and avoid any unwanted moments of awkwardness as much as possible.

Of course, the success of a date depends on your chemistry and whether he/she is the right person or not. However, through having long talks with my girlfriends about our first dates we found hilarious stories, romantic stories and other awkward, cringey experiences. So, we try to give each other advice in order to avoid awkward bad first dates. So I'm taking what I've heard and learnt from people's previous experiences to help you find the best first date tips for a great date with your crush/love interest that is awkwardness-free. 

1. Your outfit choice

Before heading out to your first date, we all have to admit that we think A LOT about what we're going to wear. What I suggest is going for something you're comfortable in, so you don't find yourself distracted and fidgeting all night. Also go for chic, bright or light colors so there's a positive open energy around.

2. Personal Hygiene is the secret code

Personal hygiene is crucial when it comes to a romantic setting. Scent is among the sexiest and most inviting things you can easily have. Scent is also a huge memory trigger, so if the relationship progresses forward, he/she might have your scent be a nostalgic romantic memory trigger. Also, don't forget deodorant! Another important factor is also brushing your teeth with a good long-lasting toothpaste like Close Up, to ensure that your breath smells nice and fresh, not unpleasant during your conversations. Also, for both men and women, make sure you clean your nails really well because it also represents a lot about hygiene and taking care of yourself. 

3. Stay away from your phone

Once you've gotten through the previous steps, it's now time for heading out to your date. Now let's talk about the date itself. You want the date to be really special and you want both of you to stay away from distractions. So try, no matter how nervous you are or how awkward it gets, try to resist looking through your phone. It will only add to awkwardness instead of taking away from it. You can even put your phone on silent to avoid distractions and give the person your full attention. 

5. Some jokes never get old

There is nothing better than sharing moments of laughter. It breaks the ice and defeats awkwardness, making the conversations light and fun. Tell him/her a funny, relatable story, don't shy away from your sense of humor. Make jokes and let your personality and quirkiness shine. 

6. Try to stay positive

There's nothing wrong with opening up to the person you're interested in and sharing deep, meaningful things with them. However, try to keep the conversation, light and positive, so the memory can associated with happy, positive and inspiring feelings and thoughts.  

7. Avoid too many questions

Try to avoid making the other person feel like they're in an interview. Asking them about their life and getting to know them is important, but bombarding them with difficult questions is just a call for uneasiness and awkwardness. Try to keep things simple and easy going to make your crush feels comfortable with you and relaxed. 

8. Eye contact

The most important thing is looking them in the eyes. It's one of the most powerful forms of communication and intimacy. Your eyes can easily tell the person what you're feeling and can develop and intensify the connection and chemistry you two have.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @lovelifepassport