14 Sex Games to Spice Up Your Marriage
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7/28/22, 5:00 PM

Sex games are crucial to spice up your marriage with your partner. Whether you're a newly married couple or soon celebrating your 10th anniversary, some couples just happen to fall in a sex rut. It's bound to happen that married couples can end up treating sex as a chore where the intimacy decreases. But don't you let that happen to you, keep your relationship revived by maintaining your sexual needs satisfied as a couple.

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Sex games are an exciting way to get you wanting each others, they're a fun, and a great idea to spend an evening with your partner. Step up from boring sex, don't let making love get repetitive, and have a thrilling experience trying out new things together like the below sex game ideas. Here are 14 sex games to try out with your partner.

1. The Naughty Cards

Plan for a game night, but this time use that deck of cards differently. Start by assigning each suit a sexy thing to do and decide those things together. For example, hearts mean stripping, spades mean kissing, clubs mean getting a massage, and diamonds mean using a sex toy. Stack the cards deck facing downwards. At this point, your partner should be blindfolded and should pick a card randomly. Check what the card reads and start by performing the sexy moves that the cards denote on your partner with a duration according to the number of cards. So, if the picked card is a six club, your partner should get an arousing massage for six minutes. He picked a joker? Then it's his lucky day! A joker means you can go creative and pick whatever sexual activity you like to do. Lick some whipping cream off his chest or lead him to make love in an unexpected place. After you're done with this, it's your turn to get blindfolded and pick a card. Isn't this sex game a fun way to keep the intimacy in your marriage going?

2. Handcuffed in Bed

You always make love in bed, right? Why don't you try to spice it up a little bit? Inspired by 50 Shades of Gray, give your man four neckties, lie naked, and let him tie your wrists and ankles to the bedposts in this sex game. If your bed doesn't have bedposts, maybe he could tie your wrists together behind your back and fasten the neckties on your ankles to the legs of the bed. All you have to do is relax and let him make love to you the way he wants. You'll be aroused by being powerless and having him perform unexpected moves on you. If you want to go the extra mile, wear hot lingerie and let him rip it off you after you've been cuffed with the neckties.

3. The Kinky 'Would You Rather'

This isn't your usual 'Would You Rather' game. Consider it an X-rated version of the good old game. The kinky 'Would You Rather' is all about asking naughty questions and actually doing the answer that your partner chooses. For example, ask him "Would you rather take a shower together or be given a lap dance?" If he answers that he would rather be given a lap dance, it means that you should treat your man to a lap dance! Keep the choices interesting. You could include new sex positions or sexual fantasies in this sex game. You'll get to know a lot about each others' sexual preferences from the choices both of you will be making.

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4. The Kissing Game

Passionate kissing always ignites love and usually leads to hot love making. To spice your usual kissing technique, try this cool game. Whenever you’re cuddling while watching a movie or a TV show, pick any random word, and whenever you hear this word, you start kissing. And by kissing, we don’t mean these short pecks; we mean passionate kissing. You probably won’t continue the film you’re watching, but who needs to watch a film when there is hot making out? Kissing is very intimate and it usually leads to hot physical intimacy, so don’t miss this great chance to have passionate sex with your spouse that only starts with a kiss.

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5. Truth or Dare

Truth or dare is the kind of game that can be switched to a naughty game for couples. Both of you need to have an open mind because this game is challenging yet fun. For starters, pick truth or dare. For the truths, ask the most hot questions that can ever cross your mind. For example, ask about the deepest or darkest sexual fantasies. For the dares, the sky’s the limit. Dare your partner to do anything that can turn you both on. From striptease to crazy sex positions, choose whatever feels right. This game is surely to get you and your spouse closer mentally and physically.

6. The Fantasy Box

If you’re into planning a week full of naughtiness and fun, this game is for you. As the game’s name suggests, each one of you will write 5 sexual fantasies on five cards or pieces of paper and put them in a box, bowl, or cup. Mix the cards around and take turns to choose one for every night. These fantasies can go as far as trying a new sex position, taking sex out of the bedroom, or playing submissive and dominant roles. Everyone has fantasies. However, sharing them in a normal conversation might be uncomfortable. This game will make it easier for each of you to express yourselves freely and enjoy mind-blowing nights.

7. Sex Scene from a Movie

How many times have you watched a movie or TV series and dreamed of enacting a specific sex scene? While many couples like watching steamy sex scene to get them all hot and turned on, you can spice that up a bit by actually recreating this scene together. Don’t be afraid to look goofy or clumsy while enacting the scene. You’ll have a good laugh, but we assure you that a steamy passionate love making is going to follow. Choose any erotic movie or look up hot sex scenes to try them out. And by all means, if you have a favorite, go ahead and try it.

8. Tickling and Striptease

One of the games that couples prefer is tickling. You and your spouse can start tickling each other and the first one who gives up has to take off one piece of their clothing. Whoever loses in this game has to give the other whatever they want.

9. Honey or Ice Cream Game

When it’s time for dessert, play this game. Bring a jar of honey, your favorite ice cream, or chocolate spread, and wet wipes. Place a spoonful of your favorite item on erotic parts of your spouse’s body and enjoy kissing and licking it. This will increase the intimacy between both of you and make the sex more passionate and fun. After you’re done, clean your bodies with wipes until it’s time to shower.

10. The Stopwatch Game

If you want to add more excitement to your intimate relationship with your husband, you should try this game. Use the stopwatch on your smartphone and set it for 15 or 20 minutes, during which each one of you practices foreplay with the other without sex until after the phone beeps.

11. New Places Game

Why does sex have got to be only in the bedroom? Go wild and write new places where you want to try out sex on a piece of paper, such as the bathroom, sofa, kitchen, or even balcony.

12. Racing to the Room

You better be quick in this game because you’ll need to run as fast as you can to the bedroom so you can win and ask for any sexual thing you want your partner to do. To make it easier for you, prepare a jar or box that contains some of your favorite fantasies that you wish to do with your spouse.

13. The Numbers Game

Remember when Monica Geller, in the TV show Friends, named 7 body parts that arouse women? Well, you can write the numbers from 1 to 10 on small pieces of paper and assign each number to a particular area on the body. Fold these pieces and put them in a jar. Take turns to pick one and whatever number you choose, you have to pamper, love, and kiss the body part assigned to it.

14. Hide and Seek

It is one of the most exciting games among married couples. In this game, you’ll need a scarf or any soft fabric to cover your spouse’s eyes. Start playing around, kissing, touching, and doing all sorts of things that arouse your partner until they reach orgasm. Take turns in this game to have the utmost fun.

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