7 Sex Positions You Should Try with Your Husband
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9/11/19, 12:00 AM

Change is always good and maybe it’s about time you stray away from the classics! Know some daring sex positions you should try with your husband. They are not the complicated kind of moves, but they are definitely not your usual ones. Work on the sparkle of your sex life, take notes below and check these five sex positions you should try with your husband...


1. Be on top...

If he’s always used to being on top, why not switch positions to spice up the night? Trust us, lots of men love it when women get on top, as they find it completely sexy. Also the sense of power and control you get is incredible and will really turn you on.


2. The ballet position sex position

This sex position is a must try! Stand right in front of your husband, raise one leg up and wrap it around his body and get ready to explore some deep penetration. If you feel any pain in your wrapped leg, you can always switch between both.

3. Make use of your washing machine!

Take sex outside of the bedroom for a change. Try to sit on the washing machine while it's on, and let him stand in front of you. Wrap both your legs around his thighs and that's it! The vibration of the washing machine will ease penetration and will double the orgasm!

4. The relaxing sex position

This sex position is all about relaxing and full pleasure. Both of you will be lying on bed, not on your backs but rather on your sides, face to face. You will pull him closer by wrapping your legs around his back and then lower yourself down to be ready for penetration. He will take his turn and wrap his arms around you. 

5. Knees to your chest

If you’re flexible and you want to try something new, you should go for this knees to chest position. While you're lying down on bed, bend your legs and make them reach your chest. Now you’re ready. It feels really great for both of you! 

6. Jelly Fish sex position

This sex position is great for when one of you, or both of you are really tired. Have him sit on the bed in a comfortable position with his legs crossed. Then sit on top of him, facing him with you knees bent next to his. Wrap your arms around him and get your bodies close to each other, almost like you're hugging. This is a very intimate and romantic position, it can also be very comfortable with very pleasurable and deep penetration. 

7. The lock sex position

This is one of the positions that is makes both partners feel a deep sense of intimacy. Sit on table on medium height. Have him stand in front of you and wrap your legs around his waist. This allows him to be very close to you and you will both experience a great sense of pleasure. 

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