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Sexual Horoscope Guide: The Best Sex Position for Each Zodiac Sign

We all know that each zodiac sign has its own traits, characteristics, likes and dislikes, but have you ever though how this might influence the sexual preferences for each sign? Different signs mean different interests especially when it comes to sexual issues. One of the most important things in intimate relationships is of course, sex positions. Today, we're telling you the best sex position that best suits you according to your zodiac sign. Follow up to know more!

1. The Aries sign

Since this sign is a bit egoistic, independent and likes to take charge of everything, Aries people like to take control in every aspect and get thrilled whenever there’s even a hint of challenge involved. And because they are born leaders, the sex position that best floats their boat is the reverse cowgirl for women and doggy style for men. Basically, any position that gives them control over their partner and lets them take charge between the sheets is the best for Aries people.

2. The Taurus sign

If you're a Taurus, then you usually prefer to have a traditional approach towards most of the things including lovemaking. This sign's nature is so sensitive which makes them prefer poses where they feel as intimate as possible with their partners. That's why the missionary style is the best for them. This position guarantees a Taurus man or woman an ultimate skin-to-skin connection as well as eye contact.

3. The Gemini sign

This flirtatious-by-nature sign, who takes a lot of time finding the 'perfect' partner from their point of view, like to be showered with passion and excitement in their relationships. They absolutely love to experiment with some quick and satisfying sex positions! Doggy style is the right pose for a Gemini female and cowgirl position is the best for a male Gemini. These positions will surely guarantee a high pleasure level for both genders!

4. The Cancer sign

Emotional intimacy is their priority; therefore, Cancer people are quite imaginative and energetic. This makes the wheelbarrow position the perfect for both genders of this sign. In this pose, the girl faces the ground with her full body weighing on her hands, whereas the guy holds her legs on his pelvis while standing behind her. This position requires a lot of strength from both partners, but it's definitely worth the try to provide them with the love adventure they're always longing for.

5. The Leo sign

Leos are naturally dramatic, and they just love to show off their skills. When it comes to sex, there should be a lot of skin contact involved. Therefore, a Leo partner is always advised to go for the sensual spoon position. As simple as it might seem, it is highly erotic for this sign in particular. Here's how to do it: A girl should lie down on one side and let her guy do the same behind her. His arms will do all the cuddling while both of them enjoy a dreamy sexual connection.

6. The Virgo sign

Virgos are analytical, methodical and pretty straightforward by nature. A position where a Virgo would be facing their partner is always preferred, and here is the best face-to-face pose: The man sits with his feet straight in front of him while the lady sits between his legs facing him with her legs expanding behind him. This pose requires balance and perfection which are probably the two things that Virgos always miss the most.

7. The Libra sign

Without any guesses, 69 is the position that works best for a Libra! This is because they prefer poses where both partners are doing an equal amount of work and are sharing equal pleasures. As we all know, a Libra person is always on the hunt for balance through their better half, and that pose makes them accomplish the mission successfully!

8. The Scorpio sign

Not being the best at expressing their emotions makes Scorpios more determined when it comes to the sexual connection with their partner. They feel like this is the aspect where they will be able to show love to their partner the most. The perfect position for them is the amazon warrior. This is so similar to the cowgirl one but the difference is that the guy rolls his knees to his chest. Then, the girl squats down onto him with his legs wrapped around her hips. This position offers control over the rhythm for both partners and sets a temperature-soaring experience any Scorpio would long for!

9. The Capricorn sign

They like to take things slow and at a relaxed pace. Once they become comfortable with their partner, they start being quite playful. The best position for a Capricorn is standing doggy style. Yes, it may come with its own challenges, but it surely guarantees some pleasurable moans!

10. The Aquarius sign

An Aquarius is a loyal, sensitive and quite imaginative lover. Face-to-face sex position is a must-try for this sign. This position is a very intimate one where a couple sit opposite each other while the girl gently slides onto his lap. In other words, she sits on top of him with her legs leaning behind his back and vice versa. The guy joins his feet together, creating a triangle-shaped cradle for her.

11. The Pisces sign

This is the sign of compassion and ultimate romance. The position for Pisces partners is the frog style where the guy lies flat on his back, and the girl climbs on top of him with her legs spread out as far as possible. This position is like realizing the sexual fantasy a Pisces person has always been looking for.

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