What a Scorpio Lover Will Turn out to Be with Each Zodiac Sign!

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10/24/18, 12:00 AM

"Oh my God, YOU'RE A SCORPIO!" is usually anyone's reaction when they hear that someone they know is a Scorpio. Well, I'll neither 100% take their side nor support the idea that they're devils! Scorpios are just humans with good and bad traits. When it comes to relationships, they happen to be extraordinary lovers with the signs they best match with. However, fear the flaws of a Scorpio if you're not one of their compatible signs.

There are four elements in astrology: fire, earth, air and water; Scorpio is water. If you wonder how compatible a Scorpio lover will be with other zodiac signs, we're here to tell you this. Follow up to know how a Scorpio lover turns out to be from its best matching sign to its least compatible one:

1. Scorpio & Cancer


Chemistry: Cancer and Scorpio are the best match. They strongly bond, and this easily leads to a passionate relation. What may seem is that the Cancer is constantly trying to sort out what Scorpio is disturbing, but this contrast is the secret of the passion of their relationship. It's simply how they maintain their involvement together because surprisingly, if everything becomes just fine, they both will get so worried that they will even start complicating things and getting on each other’s nerves!

Almost no harsh challenges face this couple, just the normal, basic struggles.

Working things out: ِAlthough their attitude may differ, they are both emotional at heart. They just need to express their love with waves of emotions, passion, jealousy, attraction, lust, or maybe sometimes anger! Without this turmoil, which Scorpio wants to increase and Cancer tries to calm down, they just won't feel that much in love.

A breakup? Well, 95% of the time this couple will leave everyone else wondering what keeps them together, but it’s obvious that their bonds are strong and their love is always getting intense. That's why in most cases, they always keep sticking to each other.

2. Scorpio & Pisces


Chemistry: Pisces is the second most matching sign with Scorpio. When Scorpio and Pisces become together, their relationship will probably widen their emotional possibilities and horizons. They will both easily get carried away into an image of a fairytale love that it could make their relationship last for a very long time, even if it loses its spark a little bit. Because both of them are water signs, they will create true intimacy through relying on their emotional judgments while understanding this very well about each other. In most cases, Scorpio and Pisces form a gorgeous couple. However, Pisces is the one that might be at risk since it's always in a state of readiness to sacrifice quite a lot for the relationship to work. Scorpio always can’t resist taking advantage of that, exploring how far they can go.

Their challenge: Here, the challenge is how a Scorpio could succeed not to obsess and suffocate their changeable partner, and how Pisces should try to stop running away from negative emotions.

If they work it out, they will get to grow past that stage, and they can indeed form a deeply satisfying, passionate and fruitful relation that will exceed their own expectations. The secret of the magic behind such a relationship would lie in how Scorpio is amazed by Pisces’ devotion and dedication to make things work, and in how Pisces is delighted by the Scorpio's indulging in their emotional experiences.

A break up will take place if one of them get tempted by someone else. If that happened, they will separate in a flood of emotions and prefer never to meet again.

3. Scorpio & Taurus


Chemistry: Taurus and Scorpio are both signs of 'deepest physical pleasure' -as we may call it, but each in their own way. Thus, their harmony comes when this becomes the focus of their relationship. Both signs can’t seem to understand nor believe in platonic, imaginative love. It just doesn't make sense to them that a pure platonic experience of romance can exist when the whole point of 'romance' is to get physical. That's why, it is most likely possible that they will build a powerful sexual life to the point where no other partner could ever satisfy their needs.

Challenge here is that the entire experience can be too dark for the Taurus partner, especially if their practical sense became challenged by Scorpio’s dominant character. This is because the dominance of Scorpio may lead to a possessive relationship that seems to have no way out.

If they work it out, they can have an exciting relationship, full of passion and mutual satisfaction. Most probably they won't be knowing exactly why, but they'd rather enjoy without questioning their happiness.

A break up, if any, is most likely to be initiated from the Scorpio's side. Scorpio is the one who will leave, but when it happens, Taurus will probably be quite ready for it, too. Afterwards, they will both prefer not to meet again since they will be rather fed up with one another.

4. Scorpio and Virgo


Chemistry: This is the pure definition of 'opposites attract'. At first, the fact that a Virgo finds a Scorpio as an unsettling and mysterious person makes him/her not normally wanting to get involved with a such a 'risky' character. Meanwhile, a Scorpio would find a Virgo far too obvious and narrow-minded. But then, when they get to communicate together, they start to feel that they found their missing puzzle piece.

Their challenge is simply them being complete opposites. However, their differences can be a two sided weapon. They can use it to balance each other or can be a total suffocation for one another.

Working things out can happen if Virgo decides to protect Scorpio -who sort of intrigues Virgo. That can nourish a relation for years to the extent that they could settle down enough to form a home and a family. However, frequent quarrels and frustrations will always take place, making things unstable.

They break up when they both had enough, and after a breakup, they both immediately manage to move on. They usually prefer not to meet again unless mutual duties may force them to. In that case, Virgo is the one who usually carries most of the responsibility.

5. Two Scorpios!


Chemistry: Well, this is an odd combination. Scorpio is the sign of passion, but that’s only under the surface. This relationship is almost like a competition, they would constantly try to trigger each other with the same persistence while trying to keep their own feelings under control. However, they can still have a meaningful relationship if they share and explore some deep cravings. But then again, though, they will soon find it more satisfying to pair up with someone who is less like themselves, and therefore easier to sort of play on – or manipulate.

Challenge: Both tend to unwillingly seek the opportunity to exercise their influence on somebody else. This struggle will lead to one of them cheating on the other in most cases.

To work things out, both Scorpios need to do their best to accept the fact that they are with someone who's so similar to them, and that it won't be the easiest thing to have full control over one another.

When two Scorpios break up, it’s most likely to come as a surprise to both of them. Yes, it's possible that it may happen just like that, very quickly and for no clear reason. However, none of them would like to be taken by that surprise. After a break up, they could keep in touch as much as ever. They will feel zero discomfort with that, and won't fear renewed affection at all.

6. Scorpio & Capricorn:


Chemistry: The intentions of Capricorn and Scorpio are almost complete opposites. Scorpio would like to shake a Capricorn’s confidence while the latter always, always wants a Scorpio to stand straight and do what they think is good for them.

Challenge: Capricorn tends to be more constructive than destructive, but to Scorpio, it’s all about inducing some passion in their relationship to make everything work. The challenge is to reach a common point where they agree on a method to sort out their problems.

If they reach a common ground, their relationship will last because their different intentions won't collide anymore. They could succeed as a couple if they spend the time they need apart to pursue their own interests. Only then, it can be a fulfilling relationship to both, also a quite passionate one but with occasional, inevitable intense conflicts.

If they break up, which will most probably happen at some point, it’s either because the Capricorn needs to get other things done, or the Scorpio eventually gets tired of standing alone against their problems trying to feed the flames. But once they internally decide to split up, none of them will care much for the other's company.

7. Scorpio & Aries


Chemistry: While Aries is fire and Scorpio is water, both signs will always have wildly different needs. To succeed as a couple, compromise is the keyword. Water signs are soothing and nurturing, and they deeply and constantly crave security and comfort. On contrary, fire signs always tend to be aggressive, independent and often seek discomfort in the name of adventure. This seems at first like an improbable match, however, they both get initially excited by one another.

Challenge: A rosy-hued past is where nostalgic Scorpio always wishes to live in, while fire signs are pioneers who get most excited about sculpting a future of their own creation. So, this is the challenge: to find a common world to meet in!

When they sort things out, their relation can be a thrill. The mutual attraction between them can keep both partners interested in each other no matter what. They are triggered by each other’s personalities including the differences. Their relation is a big proof of 'opposites attract'. Their relation can outlast anyone’s expectations, especially their own. 

If they break up, it’s probably the Aries partner who took off, and they're usually too proud to return or even keep in touch.

8. Scorpio & Aquarius


Chemistry: If Scorpio and Aquarius click, they become 24/7 curious to learn what makes each other happy. This mutual curiosity can lead to a long lasting and deep relationship, for a lot of cases.

Challenge: Scorpio always does all possible trials to make their partner reveal their feelings, which is a a very complicated process to do with Aquarius. On the other hand, Aquarius is always keen on trying to understand Scorpio’s mentality which is an even more complicated process! 

If they work it out, they will just succeed not knowing how. Their relation will going to be like experiencing a mystery that they both enjoy together. They have absolutely no clue how they could work things out but, well, that's what they like the most about their relationship! It’s confusing, but they love it!

If they break up, surprisingly it's because they feel they have gotten to know each other so the mystery that they were enjoying is gone. This will just make them slowly slide apart.

9. Scorpio & Sagittarius


Chemistry: These two signs are generally like mysteries to each other. The difference between this relation and the previous one is that in this case, both partners aren't even eager to solve that mystery! A Sagittarius would prefer to study a Scorpio at some distance, though. Scorpio, on the other hand, would love to see Sagittarius’ emotions burst out. However, that takes some serious trickery from the Scorpio' side which most probably will end with the Sagittarius taking off. 

Challenge: It's not easy for any side to neither initiate anything nor reveal any feelings. So the real challenge is to give up a bit of the ego and sacrifice a little to make things go smoother. 

If their relation lasts, it’s most probably because quest is what always intrigues Scorpio the most which is actually what Sagittarius will offer. Also, a Scorpio’s secretive and vague appearance can fascinate a Sagittarius a lot. Therefore, such mutual fascination can lead to a really exciting and passionate relation.

If they break up, they both won't be surprised since this is more than likely to happen no matter how passionately their relationship might have started.. By time, they will become uncomfortable spending time together so they will simply try to avoid meeting each other a day after the other. This, for sure, will cause any emotions to dry out.

10. Scorpio & Libra


Chemistry: Usually, the closest a Libra and a Scorpio could be is as far apart as it may ever get. This is because Libra always strives for balance while Scorpio wants to stir things up. Their different priorities in a relation is why they can't form a pair. A Libra wants order and trust, and a Scorpio is mainly in the relationship for diverse, random emotional experiences -including drama. If they do form a couple, it will seem fragile, and sure enough it is most likely to end soon.

Challenge takes place because their relationship will be a combination of a Libra who's always trying to get a Scorpio to stay disciplined, and a Scorpio who's shaking Libra out of their order and balance. It’s almost like a dance that they could grow to enjoy only if they're willing to. 

Things can work out if they succeeded to enjoy that dance we're talking about. Only then their relationship might last longer and become more intense than anyone would have guessed -including themselves.

If they break up, and most probably they will do, it’s mutual whoever takes the step. Libra will always end up feeling they have been too worried too many times, and Scorpio will always feel that they have gotten tired of trying to stir things up. After a break up, they won’t bother to keep in touch.

11. Scorpio & Leo 


Chemistry: Although these two are so different at heart, they can excite each other tremendously by their differences. They have almost nothing in common! 

Challenge: Scorpio refuses to take Leo seriously, and they're not afraid to make fun of them. However, there’s still some admiration behind it. Scorpio is a mystery that Leo wants to reveal, which could be found too difficult for a Leo to succeed at. Because of that, Leo would often feel uncertain about a Scorpio partner. So the challenge is that both of them should have control over their reactions and maintain patience.

If they succeeded in being patient, to the surprise of others, Leo and Scorpio can develop a lasting and exciting relationship. If they do it, it’s priceless and intense that they’ll remember it forever.

When break up takes place, it’s always done with so much tension and drama. All kinds of emotions suddenly go wild, and of course, they’re not likely to remain friends anymore. They will both just prefer to never cross paths again. Nevertheless, they will keep cherishing the memories.

12. Scorpio & Gemini


Chemistry: Both signs' lives always involve games. The only difference is that Scorpio plays to upset while Gemini plays to amuse. That makes it difficult for them to enter a relationship together and then keep it. When they get to meet, they find themselves excited about one another, so they gladly give the relationship a try. Similar sense of humor and being able to have a lot of fun together may make them wanting to stay together. 

Challenge: Pretending to be friends not lovers will most probably be the approach of both partners even if they both know it's more than friendship. That's because none of them hurries to commit emotionally. In spite of their hesitation, there is a probability that they may find they’re somehow able to trigger each other’s emotions to the point of deep mutual satisfaction. Only then passion will grow. 

If they break up, it’s usually Gemini rushing off and forgetting to return. Nevertheless, in some cases, Scorpio might scare Gemini by behaving oddly or making things too intense all of a sudden. After a break up, they probably won’t keep in touch since they’ve already lost interest in one another.

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