The Scorpio Woman: Personality, Compatibility and Love
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10/21/22, 2:00 PM

The Scorpio woman is one of the sexiest and most mysterious signs of the horoscopes. She has a moody side at times, yet she knows how to get over that pretty quickly. The Scorpio woman enjoys the natural things about life and you'll find her very interested in spiritual experiences, which would offer her deep insights about life. 

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The Scorpio woman is observant and you should never mistake her for being helpless as she's the total opposite of that. She is direct and brilliant and hates the color grey; it's either black or white for her. The Scorpio woman often understands people well and knows exactly what to ask to get the answers she seeks. She's fearless, controlling, and stubborn at times.

When life gets hard on the Scorpio woman, it doesn't affect her and she continues with her head held high. She's confident, resourceful, and strong. Did we mention she's also pretty complex and secretive? The Scorpio woman doesn't give out her secret easily.

Scorpio Dates: 

October 23 - November 21



Scorpio Compatibility: 

Cancer, Virgo and Pisces

Not Compatible with Scorpio: 

Aries, Gemini and Sagittarius



Best Characteristics of the Scorpio: 

Loyal, Passionate, Ambitious and Determined

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Worst Traits of the Scorpio: 

Jealous, Controlling, Suspicious and Manipulative

Motto of the Scorpio: 

"What is hidden is more interesting than what is obvious" and “I desire”

Scorpio in Love and Dating

The Scorpio woman is a passionate and loyal partner. She can get any man she wants as she's quite attractive. The Scorpio woman wants to make her partner's life as easy as possible with her caring and devoted nature. Having said that, be aware of crossing a Scorpio woman or doing bad to her. She hates superficial connections and seeks relationships full of passion. Some people might think the Scorpio woman is wearing the pants in the relationship, but that's not necessarily true.

Scorpio Woman in Sex

In addition to being the sexiest sign in the zodiac, Scorpio women are sexual misogynists. Because sex is their thing, having sex with a Scorpio lady is the easiest thing ever! They have imaginations as wild as a mountain lion, are naught, and kinky! You're in for a mind-blowing surprise in bed if you're sleeping with Little Red Riding Wood.

Scorpio Woman in Marriage

The Scorpio lady will make every effort to unite with this person for life as soon as she finds them. This explains why many of her relationships already feel like marriages before the wedding ever takes place. For the Scorpio woman to feel content and alive in her marriage or relationship with her guy, there must be a strong tie between them. She may certainly appreciate being a mother, but her relationship with her spouse brings her the most satisfaction.

Scorpio Woman in Motherhood

A Scorpio woman fiercely guards and defends her children from harm, just like a mother bear does for her cubs. She is not a weak parent. You will suffer a great deal of harm if you threaten her children. Scorpio is an extreme sign, though, and when the mother bear in her goes too far, she may turn into a loving mother who tries far too hard to have control over every aspect of her children's lives.

Scorpio and Work

The Scorpio woman can achieve anything she sets her mind on and nothing will stop her from getting there, which makes her great at the work she does. She loves power, and money makes her happy. The Scorpio woman is ambitious and very hard working.

Scorpio and Friends

The Scorpio woman will either be the best friend you'll ever have or your worst enemy. She picks her friends wisely and only those who prove to be worthy of her friendship will be rewarded with her trust, and most of all, a very faithful friend. Loyalty is very important to a Scorpio woman and she will never forget a wrong, but she will also never forget an act of kindness and will always repay it several times more.

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Scorpio and Fashion

The Scorpio woman doesn't have a specific nor set style. One minute she can do a professional and sexy look for a work meeting, the next she can pull off a romantic and feminine one. The Scorpio woman never follows fashion blindly, though she enjoys exploring new trends until she makes up her mind on what suits her best. She has a classy style with a touch of seductive to it and you'd often find her wearing black or vibrant red.

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