The Pisces Man
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3/10/20, 12:00 AM

The Pisces man is wise, generous and highly intuitive. He can easily sense and pinpoint what others are thinking.

The Pisces man is emotional and sensitive, yet prefers to hide it. He can be perceived as a mysterious kind of person.

The Pisces man is very passionate, creative and you’d often find him involved in something artistic in a way or another.

The Pisces man loves music and romantic stories. He's a dreamer who likes to spend time alone and sleeps a lot. 

The Pisces man hates criticism, violence or aggression. He is one of the most peaceful zodiac sings.  He loves to help others and give a hand to those who ask for it. 

The Pisces man is tolerant and patient. He loves passionately and is deeply loyal to his partner. But, it may take you years to truly get to know him. He only opens up and shows his true self to people who are close to his heart and the ones he feels safe with. 


February 20 - March 20



Compatibility with Pisces: 

Cancer, Virgo, and Scorpio

Not Compatible with Pisces: 

Aries, Gemini, and Leo

Best Characteristics of the Pisces: 

Imaginative, Kind, Compassionate, Selfless, Intuitive

Worst Traits of the Pisces: 

Idealistic, Weak-willed, Too Sensitive, Pessimistic, Lazy

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Pisces Man in Love and Relationships

The Pisces man is deeply romantic, he’s pure and treats his loved ones the way they deserve to be treated.

The Pisces man is often shy and wouldn’t approach the woman he’s interested in right away, but would rather wait until he’s 100% sure. When in a relationship, he’s compassionate, helpful and would love to cater to your needs.

The Pisces man is a big fan of surprising his loved one, he’s an easy going partner and also happens to think highly of being faithful and loyal.

Pisces Man at Work

The regular corporate life isn’t something the Pisces man enjoys too much, he would rather be in a place where he can unleash his creativity. When that is the case, the Pisces man gives the tasks he’s doing his full devotion.

The Pisces man is kind-hearted and considerate towards his colleagues. He can sometimes fall into the loop of self-doubting himself when it comes to major decisions taking place at work.

How to attract a pisces man:

1. Be yourself!

2. Be considerate of his feelings.

3. Unleash your creative ideas when you’re around him.

4. Get to know his family and friends as he thinks very highly of that.

5. A good heart is a must with the Pisces man.

6. Be a good listener and a better supporter.

7. Being openminded is key.

8. Spend quality time with him.

9. Gossip isn’t his favorite thing, so try to avoid that.

10. Always be honest.

11. Show off your passionate side towards life.

12. Take care of him.

13. Take the lead in some situations, because water signs like leader personalities.

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