The Virgo Woman: Personality, Compatibility and Love
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8/26/22, 4:00 PM

The Virgo woman is charming, intelligent, a natural critic, and a sharp analyzer. She knows how to judge people and situations pretty well. The Virgo woman likes to put order into things and she's a very practical and detail-oriented person.

The Virgo woman enjoys being systematic. She's very hard working, modest, and she's purpose-driven, especially when she's serving a greater cause. 

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The Virgo woman would never be caught dead with wrinkled clothing. She can be her worst enemy when she becomes overly critical and analyses every single situation. Underneath her cool and collected side, lies an emotional volcano.

Virgo Dates: 

August 24 - September 23



Virgo Compatibility: 

Pisces, Taurus and Capricorn

Not Compatible with Virgo: 

Aries, Libra and Aquarius



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Best Characteristics of the Virgo: 

Intelligent, Modest, Reliable, Meticulous, Analytical

Worst Traits of the Virgo:

Overcritical, Fastidious, Harsh, Conservative, Judgmental

Motto of the Virgo:

"I analyze, therefore I am" and “I serve”

Virgo in Love and Dating

The Virgo woman is picky and her potential partner needs to live up to her high standards. She does believe in real love and practical love, but not the fairy tale kind of love. She's passionate, intense, and demands perfection. Before she jumps into a relationship, she analyzes everything pretty well, searches for flaws, and explores emotions. That's why she takes her time to fall for the perfect person. Once she finds that person, the Virgo woman becomes very devoted and loyal. She's easygoing and with her attention to detail and charm, she does her best to make her relationship with Mr. Perfect work. She has a hard time showing her emotions, though she tries to release it with humor. But once she finds the right person, she starts opening up more.

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Virgo Woman in Sex

A Virgo woman aims to provide maximum pleasure to her partner by taking things slow and enjoying every moment of it. She likes to make sure that the pleasure is both ways and that her partner is enjoying every bit of it. For her, it is crucial that the act is compassionate and that both of them reach maximum pleasure in bed.

Virgo Woman in Marriage

The Virgo woman will only get married when her relationship with her partner is making sense and can help her achieve her goals in life. She doesn’t want to bother her partner with meaningless issues; she is also very practical. That’s why she wants to get married when she’s mature and financially stable.

Virgo Woman in Motherhood

Virgos are known to be the most perfectionist sign in the zodiac. So, when a Virgo woman becomes a mom, she’s going to plan everything and will be the most organized mom you’ll ever meet. Moreover, a Virgo mother is demanding and her offspring will also feel the pressure of her high expectations.

Virgo and Work

The Virgo woman is a better follower than a leader as she's too wrapped up with the smallest details that she sometimes misses the bigger picture. She does her best to perfect each and everything she does and she won't miss a single detail. The Virgo woman has a high sense of duty and strives to balance between work and family, but she tends to be a workaholic.

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Virgo and Friends

The Virgo woman is the go to person for advice; she's reliable, helpful, and always there for you. You don't have to remind her about your birthday or her to-do list on your wedding day; she knows all those details by heart. She doesn't show emotions that much, but deep inside she truly enjoys having you as a friend.

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Virgo and Fashion

When you open the closet of a Virgo woman, you'd find everything in order and assorted by colors and styles. She would never be seen in crumpled shirts. She's a minimalist and has a sophisticated and very elegant style, which truly reflects her personality. The Virgo woman prefers simple and clean cuts in addition to perfect fits. She doesn't necessarily follow trends but stays true to her style.

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