The Sagittarius Woman: Personality, Compatibility and Love

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11/12/20, 12:00 AM

The Sagittarius woman is very curious about many things in life, and she always seeks the truth in everything. She has a philosophical side and loves to explore her options along the way, in addition to new opportunities.

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The Sagittarius woman is versatile and extremely charming, whenever she enters a place, she knows all eyes are on her. She's independent, open-minded, and doesn't work with a schedule as it's quite limiting for her. The Sagittarius woman needs flexibility in her life, and she also needs to know she can change plans to suit her needs. No one dictates that woman but herself!

Sagittarius Dates: 

November 23 - December 21



Sagittarius Compatibility: 

Gemini and Aries

Not Compatible with Sagittarius: 

Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio and Capricorn


Blue Zircon

Best Characteristics of the Sagittarius: 

Optimistic, Straightforward, Adventurous and Generous

Worst Traits of the Sagittarius: 

Careless, Overconfident, Inconsistent and Superficial

Motto of the Sagittarius: 

"I philosophize" and “I perceive/seek, therefore I am.”

Sagittarius in Love and Dating

The Sagittarius woman is looking for a man who can be her friend before a partner whom she can share the true meaning of love with. She's honest, trustworthy, loyal, and a devoted partner. The Sagittarius woman is able to give off a very attractive vibe of independence, which makes her even more charming for most potential men she's interested in. The problem with the Sagittarius woman is that she, sometimes, confuses friendship with love and she tends to fall in love quickly; however, she then takes her time to know that person better before rushing into marriage. The Sagittarius woman likes the feeling of being protected, but definitely doesn't like to be ordered around.

Sagittarius Woman in Sex

It will be fascinating and pleasurable to have sex with a Sagittarius woman. She will enjoy having sex and experimenting in the bedroom, particularly if it is passionate and intense. This Sagittarius woman has a captivating energy thanks to her fun-loving nature and self-assured attitude. She is the kind of woman who, if necessary, will take the lead in the bedroom.

Sagittarius Woman in Marriage

Sagittarius females make excellent wives. Their relationship with their spouse is greatly boosted by the fact that they are incredibly kind and understanding. Since Sagittarius is a very rational and understanding sign, it is simpler for their partner to be open with them during a marriage. The Sagittarius woman will continue to be her wild and free-spirited self, but when she is alone with her true love, as a wife, she can also be a role model for dedication.

Sagittarius Woman in Motherhood

All children aspire to have mothers like Sagittarians. Sagittarian moms have their own sense of spontaneity, pleasure, and enthusiasm for life. They adore their kids and give them all the love and encouragement they can spare, but they are also highly committed to living their own lives.

Sagittarius and Work

The Sagittarius woman doesn't like responsibility that much, and tries to avoid it whenever possible. She knows how to quickly move forward towards her goal, which isn't money by the way, but more likely to be fame or recognition. The Sagittarius woman excels at certain things in her life, which she's extremely passionate about. Once she decides to actually focus on it, she'll do wonders. Her ambitious nature helps her reach far in life. She also has many goals; once she reaches one, she goes on to the other.

Sagittarius and Friends

The Sagittarius is an excellent friend; she goes the extra mile to help out the people close to her. Her friends can rely on her to be there for them in their time of need. The Sagittarius woman is adventurous and pushes her friends to try out new and exciting things in life as well.

Sagittarius and Fashion

Because of the Sagittarius woman's curious nature and love for exploring, she also does the same when it comes to fashion. The Sagittarius woman doesn't care about making a fashion statement, nor wearing the latest trends. She's more into clothes that she feels comfortable in. She loves colors, loose jeans, and feels most comfortable in sportswear. The Sagittarius woman goes for minimal makeup and barely wears any jewelry, only the things that have a deep meaning, like a charm bracelet or necklace. She's more on the simple and bohemian side, and if we had to describe the style of a Sagittarius woman in a phrase, it would be "a breath of fresh air."

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