Are you a guy and you're still thinking about getting serious with Taurus girl or not? Let me give you 10 reasons it's truly amazing to fall in love with a Taurus woman.

1. Taurus women are kind, and genuinely care about others.

There's no caring woman like a Taurus woman, she's very emotional, kind and warm hearted. You'll find her by your side in good times and bad times. A Taurus woman is very romantic, fun and loves to try new adventures. She never fails to change your mood from bad to great!

2. Taurus women appreciate tasty food.

A Taurus woman highly appreciates tasty food, she knows every restaurant along with best dishes. A Taurus woman is usually a good cook or striving to be one. 

3. Taurus women would never give up on their marriage.

The most important trait about a Taurus woman, is that she never gives up easily. A Taurus woman works really hard on making her relationship work with her husband, and building a happy family environment. 

4. Taurus women have a fun yet rational personality.

Although she's very cautious, a Taurus woman is not afraid to try new things and experience new adventures. A Taurus woman enjoys the small things in life. Her fun personality will add a lot of joy to your life together. A Taurus woman also enjoys the quiet life, so she combines between fun and rationality.

5. Taurus women are very independent.

If you're into a Taurus woman then you should know this, Taurus women are independent enough to make their own decisions without getting back to you for an opinion. She's also very practical, smart, ambitious and has her own hobbies. A Taurus woman is a responsible woman, she knows how to handle life and important duties. She works hard on making her dreams coming true without complaining like some other women!

6. Taurus women are good listeners.

Because she always feels responsible for everyone around her, when a Taurus woman sits down to listen to you, she listens with all her senses. A Taurus woman shares with you her thoughts, and will make you feel important by focusing just on you.

7. Taurus women are a friend before they're your lover.

A Taurus woman won't let your relationship become strictly husband and wife, she'll be able to be your friend too, not just your lover.

8. Taurus Women are passionate and sexy.

She might be very independent, but that doesn't mean that she doesn't like romance when it comes to relationships! She knows how to express herself, and she shows her feelings for the one she truly loves in the most charming way. Experts claim that a Taurus woman is the sexiest and the best lover of all signs!

9. Taurus women are great mothers.

With a kind and leading personality, a Taurus woman finds it easy to become a successful mother! A Taurus woman will teach her children about self confidence, independence and will make them develop a love for adventure and exploration.

10. Taurus women love to pay attention to their looks.

The best words to best describe a Taurus woman's style are practical and chic, but that doesn't mean she can't turn heads with a sexy outfit she wears just for you! She has special skills in mixing and matching different colors and looks.

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