The Taurus Man: Personality, Compatibility and Love
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5/1/20, 12:00 AM

The Taurus man will try over and over again until he succeeds and he will rarely give up. He may appear slow and too calm to some people, but get on his bad side and you’ll surely regret it.

The Taurus man is persistent and has a lot of strength. He also has a lot of temper and isn’t afraid to unleash it. He meets every challenge he faces regardless what it might be.

The Taurus man is stubborn once he reaches a decision. Generally speaking, he’s patient and has a workaholic side to him as he doesn’t mind to push hard now and reap the rewards later on. He appreciates comfort and luxury and loves food. The Taurus man is the kind of guy who would open the door for you; he’s sweet and very kind. He leans towards stability and likes to know what to expect out of life, his career and relationships.

Taurus Dates: 

April 21 - May 20



Taurus Compatibility: 

Scorpio, Virgo and Capricorn

Not Compatible with Taurus: 

Aries, Sagittarius and Gemini

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Best Characteristics of the Taurus: 

Self-Confident, Hard-worker, Charming, Helpful, Kind

Worst Traits of the Taurus: 

Stubborn, Self-Indulged, Materialistic, Lazy, Controlling

Taurus Man in Love and Relationships

The Taurus man is a man who loves love. He’s very passionate even though he’s good at hiding it. Lust and physical contact are important to him.

The Taurus man hates love games and if you play hard to get, you’ll surely drive him away. This guy does simple romance and he will go for a woman whom he can consider his best friend. He never says anything unless he means it and expects the same from you.

The Taurus man pays attention to his lover’s needs, he’s gentle and considerate. He can be extremely jealous when he feels threatened. The Taurus man likes to take his time before going into a relationship.

Taurus Man in Work

The Taurus man excels in whatever assignments he takes on. He has a creative eye and turns any project into a stable one, as he loves routine.

The Taurus man loves art and that’s why he would do well as a musician, director, artist or architect. He loves money and stability, and that’s exactly why nothing will keep him from reaching his goals.

The Taurus man is practical, yet has a vivid imagination, which allows him to be good at many different aspects in his career.

How to Get a Taurus Man

1. Be strong and confident and most importantly, embrace your femininity.

2. If you’re neat, organized and generally prefer everything to be clean instead of messy, then you do have a big chance with the Taurus man.

3. Being wise with your money and knowing how to manage it will be very attractive to him.

4. Be honest!

5. Practicality is crucial for the Taurus man and he’ll be impressed by how resourceful you are.

6. If you’re into him, he won’t mind if you make a first move to show that you’re interested.

7. Show him he’s the leader and respect the way he thinks.

8. You know what they say, slowly but surely, which applies perfectly to the Taurus man. Don’t rush him.

9. Make new routines together and rituals, he’ll love you for it.

10. Take care of his ego, it’s quite important to him.

11. If there’s something bothering you about the way he portrays his feelings, just speak your mind out.

12. Work on earning his trust and building a solid friendship.

13. Be sensual!

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