The Libra Man: Personality, Compatibility and Love
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10/3/22, 6:00 PM

The Libra man is very balanced and seeks justice in everything he does. He’s trying to stay objective, and is also the kind of man who would want to do what’s best for everyone.

The Libra man doesn’t like confrontation, so stay away from that. He prefers peace and quiet instead. That said, he does like to understand the other side of the story, which makes him very fair and leads to objective decisions.

The Libra man enjoys discussing new ideas and he’s very intellectual: a good debater who considers every angle.

The Libra man is charming and always says the right things at the right time.

Libra Dates: 

September 24 - October 23



Compatibility with Libra: 

Aries, Gemini and Aquarius

Not Compatible with Libra:

Virgo and Scorpio

Best Characteristics of the Libra: 

Diplomatic, Graceful, Idealistic, Peaceful

Worst Traits of the Libra: 

Indecisive, Self-indulgent, Superficial, Detached

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Libra Man in Love and Relationships

Love to the Libra man is very important; he loves being in love. He’s pretty honest about his feelings, and could fall in love easily, but that doesn’t mean he’s not picky.

The Libra man doesn’t play games; he’s always there for his partner and expects the same in return. When he says he’ll do something, he’ll always come through.

The Libra man feels complete when he’s in a relationship and does his best for it to work out. Stability is very important to him and he will never hurt his partner on purpose.

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Libra Man in Sex

In bed, a Libra man likes to take his time. He despises being rushed. He can go for long hours, so why would he need to have things done quickly? A Libra man is also a people-pleaser, so having sex with him will be enjoyable. He wants to make sure you enjoy yourself.

Libra Man in Marriage

Because of how effortlessly a Libra man charms a woman, he frequently gets mistaken for a flirt. But that is untrue. They take great care to be utterly devoted to and true to their partner when they commit to a relationship. You are lucky if you are married to or getting married to a Libra because they are often among the most devoted signs.

Libra Man in Fatherhood

The Libra man is the kind of dad who will undoubtedly take the kids to an artistic or musical event because Libras are frequently musical performers. They tend to take up the position of father extremely seriously because they are quite loyal, very intense, and very all-or-nothing individuals. They express their emotions extremely clearly.

Libra Man in Work

The Libra man needs to work at a place with lots of human contact as this would be the best environment for him.

He’s a team player and knows how to influence positively.

The Libra man has a tendency to be indecisive, which doesn’t always make him the best fit as a leader. Immediate decisions are not his favorite.

How to attract a Libra Man:

1. Grab his attention by being an extrovert who loves socializing with the crowd.

2. Stand out whether it’s with your outfit or positive attitude towards life. You need to put yourself at the center of attention.

3. Choose feminine and elegant; he loves that!

4. Spend time getting to know him and get into interesting discussions with him.

5. Give him the chance to talk about himself.

6. Light debates are always welcome.

7. Compliments work like a charm!

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8. Be honest about everything you say and do, and help out others in need.

9. Avoid drama and over-reacting to things. Remember that he hates confrontation.

10. Be mysterious and, at times, talkative and sharing.

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