The Aries Woman

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The Aries woman has a sizzling personality, she's creative and has her very own unique ways in life. She's spontaneous which can both be a great and a bad thing. The Aries woman usually needs to take a break every once in a while to put her thoughts together and re-energize.

The Aries woman has a great sense of style and remains a child at heart. She's outgoing though it might take her a while to get to know people or get used to new surroundings. The Aries woman is very naive and trusts people easily, which leaves her shocked at times, however she knows very well how to get back on track.

The Aries woman usually doesn't think much before she acts and her honesty while appreciated by some might hurt others. She loves challenges and is very passionate about life not to mention the Aries woman doesn't just talk but also takes action.

Aries Dates:

March 21 - April 20



Aries Compatibility:

Signs Leo, Sagittarius and Libra

Not Compatible with Aries:

Signs Pisces, Gemini and Virgo


Diamond and Bloodstone

Best Characteristics of the Aries: 

1-The Aries woman is optimistic about life.

2- The Aries woman always strives for perfection .

3- The Aries woman loves to have the spotlight on her, so she does everything she can to achieve that.

4-Aries woman is a creative person by nature.

Worst Traits of the Aries: 

Impatient, Selfish, Picky, Perfectionist, Hasty

1- The Aries woman is an impatient person.

2- If Aries woman is angry from you, she won't forgive you easily.

3- The Aries woman is so hasty, which makes her make many mistakes.

Motto of the Aries: 

"I Am" and "Ready, fire, aim!" and “Just Do It!”

Aries Woman in Love and Dating

The Aries woman goes for a caring man, he needs to be excited and not intimidated easily. She hates boring men or the ones who prefer routine, dislikes restrictions, and is in possessive relationships, though she can be a bit possessive herself. The Aries woman loves mystery in her relationship and when married, if things are not exciting, she starts doubting the relationship. If the Aries woman starts getting bored, be sure that she'll probably do everything she can before she leaves to make it work and try to hold the relationship together.

The Aries woman loves equality in relationships, so a man who does not believe in equality will not make her happy. Also, the relationship with this woman will not be purely intellectual or emotional but will be a mixture of both. What makes the woman of this sign different than others is honesty and trust, but this happens after you both are in a relationship. If you give her what she wants in your relationship with her, then you can be sure that she will treat you in a great way.

Aries Woman and Marriage 

An Aries woman in a relationship or marriage may seem to be looking out for herself at times, but it is just about the equality she needs in love. She will believe in her partner's dreams and aspirations, and in return, she will want him to believe in her dreams too. She likes everything to be perfect, whether about her man as a person or her entire marriage. An Aries woman is not considered mysterious, however, she is very direct and always says what she thinks.

Aries Woman and Sex

The Aries woman tends to let her partner take the lead when it comes to sex, but if she finds her partner a little shy or doesn't understand what she wants, she won't hesitate to lead the situation. She wants things to go smoothly and to be happy at the same time.

Aries Woman and Motherhood

Despite the love of Aries woman for freedom, she loves the idea of the home and family. She is a very fun mother, and she gets afraid of anything related to her children, so she is always with them. Although she is impatient, but she can do the opposite, especially with her quiet children. An Aries woman's children are very lucky because she's always exposing them to exciting and fun experiences, whether with food or life in general. But, she likes to be by their side to make sure they're okay.

Aries Woman and Friends

The Aries woman has to have flexible friends and she does care a lot about them. They'll be a few close friends who she can always turn to whenever she's feeling the urge for an adventure. The Aries woman doesn't like nosy friends or people who don't give her the attention she needs.

Aries Woman and Work

Regardless of the career the Aries woman decides to take, she has to feel and actually be at the top of her game. She's a supernatural achiever and without being too much of a hard worker but rather a smart one, she accomplishes a great deal of success. The Aries woman is somehow bossy but a great leader and if she's no longer challenged, she'll become easily bored and take another career path. It suits the Aries woman to be in positions of power and influence, as she will be in her best condition and will help those around her to succeed and overcome their fears.

Aries Woman and Money

Money always seems to come easily for an Aries woman, but it also tends to go away quickly. Because of her accomplishments at work, she could have a lot of money. However, her love for pampering and trying things out makes her spend a lot, sometimes even without noticing.

Aries Woman and Fashion

The Aries woman is the first to spot new trends and most probably has her name on the waiting list for the latest "IT" item. The Aries woman's obsession with fashion makes others look up to her when it comes to trying new trends, as she's a trendsetter and the first to try out new things among her friends. If you open her wardrobe you'll find tons of popping colors, especially red or pink, sparkling and statement accessories, and tons of heels. Don't be fooled the Aries woman can also pull off the casual look quite well.

What gifts to buy for an Aries Woman?

Adventure and excitement are what drive passion in an Aries woman. She loves fun adventurous trips and traveling somewhere far away and interesting. So, it would be nice to buy her a trip for an adventurous journey. If you plan on joining her for a dinner date, make sure the food is fresh and innovative, because she doesn't like repetition or boring things. 

If you are thinking of giving her material gifts, we advise you to get something made especially for her, like a letter necklace or a poem you wrote especially for her.

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