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The Leo Man

You’ll always notice the Leo man when entering a room, he makes a grand entry which is hard to miss. He’s enthusiastic and has a warm feel to him. Did we mention the Leo man has a strong aura of power around him?

The Leo man is a natural leader and he knows how to work well with others. He’s ambitious, outgoing, self-confident and has lots of great energy.  The Leo man is very generous, loyal and sticks to his word. He can be opinionated and stubborn at times, especially when it comes to issues where he thinks he knows best. 

Once the Leo man makes a decision, he sticks to it until the end. If you try to change his mind persistently, he might become defensive and get his claws out. The Leo man might have quite a temper, but you need to know that deep inside he’s just a sweet person. He’s not shy and up for trying out new things. The Leo man loves being the center of attention and he’s known for his dramatic side.

Dates: July 24 - August 23

Element: Fire

Compatibility with Leo: Aquarius, Aries and Sagittarius

Not Compatible with Leo: Gemini, Capricorn and Pisces

Best Characteristics of the Leo: Warm-hearted, Optimistic, Energetic, Loyal, Straightforward

Worst Traits of the Leo: Egoistic, Dominating, Impatient, Arrogant, Possessive

Leo Man in Love and Relationships

The Leo man is looking for a partner who he can share his adventures and journey with. When he’s in a relationship, he’s devoted, loving, loyal and very protective.

The Leo man needs someone with equal strength, confidence and warmth, a partner who adds their very own special element to the relationship. He’s romantic, confident, sexy and bold, which makes him irresistible.

The Leo man loves to try out new things and his partner needs to be equally adventurous. Last but not least, he forgives quickly, if you hurt his ego and make sure to advertise, he will let it go.

Leo Man in Work

The Leo man is a great leader and is very confident. He’s straightforward and has the ability to organize things perfectly in addition to motivating the people around him.

The Leo man can basically do anything as long as he sets his mind to it. He enjoys the spotlight, can be a bit dramatic about work situations and knows how to deal with his colleagues really well, due to the outgoing side of his personality.

How to Get a Leo Man:

1. Work on boosting his ego, because it’s quite important to him.

2. Show off your strong side and of course your self-confidence.

3. Be social and outgoing!

4. Feminine is the way to go.

5. He might seem strong, but it doesn’t mean letting him deal with problems on his own. He’ll appreciate having you around there for him when he’s hurt.

6. He loves exciting surprises.

7. Spend time together and try out new activities.

8. Stay away from being jealous, he’s a man who enjoys attention. Let him get into the spotlight, show some jealousy but don’t go over the board.

9. Don’t get offended if he teases you or jokes around, he only does that with people he likes. How about teasing him a bit from your side as well?

10. Give him attention and lots of it.

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