14 Things to Expect When Dating an Aries...

Jasmine Kamal
4/13/20, 12:00 AM

If you are reading this, you're either an Aries wanting to get to know yourself more or you're dating an Aries man or Aries woman. So let's dive deep into their world and get know the Aries love traits, personality and how they are when it comes to love, romance and relationships. Aries have amazing personalities, but like every other human on the planet, they have their complexities. 

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Today we're tackling the very frequently asked question of what to expect when dating an Aries.  7 for men and 7 for women...

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Dating an Aries man?

1. The Aries man is very loyal, so you will rarely have to face issues of cheating, betrayal or lying.

2. You like getting a lot of attention? Well, you're in luck with an Aries man. As soon as you're in his life, you will find him very interested in you and every aspect of your life. He could even defend and stand up to anyone who bothers you or upsets you.

3. Do not expect an Aries man to keep waiting for hours as you're getting dressed and ready for date night. He also might not call again if you missed his first phone call. They have zero patience.

4. Be careful with his personal space. He wouldn't tolerate to feel like he's losing even 1% of his freedom. 

5. An Aries man is very loving and being with him will make you feel like you're in a romance novel. He will shower with love and affection all the time. 

6. He is also a very passionate man. He enjoys what he does, whether it's his work, hobby, or even relationships. So, as long as you are in agreement, he will always have a lot of passion and romance to give. 

7. Your enemy is boredom. If he feels like the relationship is getting mundane and routine-like, he will get the urge to escape that. 

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Dating an Aries woman?

1. If you are looking for a girlfriend who's a really good listener and who's always trying to understand what you're going through and how you're feeling, the Aries woman is your best bet. She will always want you to tell her how you feel, and she won't ever get bored of your venting or discussions. She has the ability to stay by your side for hours so you can let out everything that's bothering you. 

2. Once she's told you that she loves you, you can be sure that no one on earth will love you as much as her. She will do everything in her power to make you happy.

3. If you're not the best at giving women a lot attention, then an Aries woman is not for you. Despite being independent, she loves a man who gives her a lot of attention and cares for the smallest details, without compromising her freedom.

4. An Aries woman is very sensitive, the simplest words can strongly affect her. This stems from her always feeling insecure even though she doesn't show it. So, she could be very hurt by something you said in the middle of a conversation that you might not have noticed.

5. You might never get bored with an Aries woman. She's loves change and trying different things. So, don't expect a date night that won't involve trying a new cuisine.

6. With an Aries woman, your life will be full of excitement and adventure.

7. If you're looking for a loving sincere woman who has eyes for you and only you, the Aries woman is exactly right for you. 

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