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30 Ways to Show Someone You Like Them

Fustany Team
3/8/20, 12:00 AM

We all know that dreaded feeling in your stomach. The one that indicates that you're about to dive in straight into the unknown. The one that is exciting but also terrifying. The one that happens when you realize that you have feelings for someone.

Sometimes you're lucky and that person will have already confessed their feelings to you. However, most of us here can attest to the fact that we have not always been the lucky ones. We have stood somewhere between the friend zone, the 'I don't know what the hell are we' and the 'how do I tell someone I like them?'

I'm so sorry to hear that, but here's the good's not the end of the world. There are ways to show someone you like them or to get closer to them on a deeper level that will help you get where you want to be with them. Also, besides what many may think, the friend zone isn't always permanent. If you're close to him, you can try to get closer and reveal a side to your dynamic that can turn it into something non-platonic

So, without further ado, here's how to show someone you like them:

1. Always show up in outings and make sure you're seeing a lot of each other, so you can get closer and be present in each other's lives.

2. However, try to also give him and yourself space to miss each other. This could help you figure out where he stands.

3. Have a set activity date. Suggest a day where you 2 can do something together, like working out or going for a run. This could help build closeness and a strong presence in his life. 

4. Put an effort to get close to his friends. 

5. A cliché, but a much needed one, is to be yourself and be confident. Even if you're nervous or you don't feel confident, try to come off like you are.

6. You don't have to agree with everything he says, that's ridiculous. Be open and honest. Be vocal about your likes and dislikes. 

7. Accompany your couple friends on a date as friends. That way it's not officially a double date but it kind of feels like one, so you might get to see other in a different setting. 

8. Try to increase your 1 on 1 time as much as possible. It could lead to closeness and intimacy. 

9. Take a road trip. Road trips are a strong bonding force. Listen and jam to music and try to break yourselves out of the shell. 

10. Another cliché, but it's tried and tested and can really work...Spend time in nature. Lay on the grass at your college campus or any park. Listen to music and talk for hours. Nature can be really romantic and intimate.

11. Be playful. Do little things that will allow you to touch him or nudge him. It can even be as simple as resting your head on his shoulder from time to time.

12. Visualize how you would be if you knew he liked you back. Would you flirt more? Show your sexy side and don't shy away from it. It can be really empowering, even though it's scary at first. 

13. Flirt with him! It sound basic and yes it's really hard, but it can really cut things short. And reading his reactions and whether he flirts back will be a good indicator for you. 

 14. Throw in the hints that guys will actually get. Here are some examples of hints you think are working but actually aren't

15. Reveal to him a side of you that he's never seen before, like telling him something personal or opening up and being vulnerable, if you already feel like you really trust him and you're comfortable with him.   

16. Ask him personal and deep questions. Try to get to know him a little deeper than a normal friend would. Without being pushy, make him feel comfortable and like he can trust you. 

17. Listen to him and remember even the little things he said. 

18. Talk about relationships and love. 

19. Ask him what things we wants in a partner, and if you still think you two fit...

20. Show him that part and side of you. 

21. STRONGLY recommended by some of us: Rip the bandaid off and bluntly just tell him you like him! Or ask him out. It's kind of like getting waxed, it hurts like hell but you get silky smooth skin for a lot longer than if you've had gone for the shaving option. You know what I mean?

22. You can even do it in a funny or playful way like saying, "So I'm getting kind of tired of throwing you hints that you're not getting..." or "So are you planning on asking me out or should I ?" or "You know, if you don't like me back, you can just tell me. I'm a big girl. I can take it."

23. Become his go to person. The person he goes to for cheering up and comforting. This can help create a strong emotional bond between you. 

24. Find something only the both of you love to do, so that it can be only your thing together. And so that he'll call you up when he wants to do it. 

25. Be a parent favorite. Put in the effort and show care and a willingness to meet or see his parents if he suggests it. 

26. Do something really thoughtful for him.

27. Get him a gift that shows you listen and really get him. 

28. Try something together for the first time. 

29. Make sure he knows how special he is to you. It doesn't have to be a grand gesture. It can be something subtle.

30. I know this might sound scary if you're terrified of the friend zone, but being a friend to him really is important. First of all relationships that are built from a strong friendship dynamic are really special. And being a friend to him will make things feel easy and comfortable, in a good way. So why not try this approach, along with some flirting of course to stop things from being  brotherly.  

At the end of the day, all of this doesn't matter and won't mean anything if things aren't mean to happen. We can't force anything that just isn't meant to be. Every guy is different and nothing  can apply to every guy out there. 

 So I guess you can really save yourself a lot of time and effort by just telling him...

 I Like You.



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