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30 Creative and Funny Ways to Tell Your Husband You're Pregnant

Fustany Team
1/29/20, 12:00 AM

There so many any ideas out there for how to propose and how to throw a gender reveal party, but how about how to tell your husband you're pregnant? Ideas for ways to tell him you're pregnant have so much potential to be funny, emotional, personal, creative and unforgettable. 

So, here's a list of creative funny ways to tell your husband you're pregnant: 

1. Leave in the book he's reading the ultrasound picture as a bookmark. 

2. Play a game of charades, act the words..."I'm pregnant" and have him guess it!

3. Tell him, "well I guess the condom broke after all..."  


4. Throw a party that's similar to a gender reveal party with your close friends and family, only you will reveal to him that you're pregnant. 

5. Make a short home video telling him you're pregnant or featuring your sonogram and as you're watching TV one night, sneakily play it during commercial break.  

6. In the morning before he wakes up after your shower, write on the bathroom mirror "Good morning. You're going to be a father."

7. Wrap your pregnancy test as a gift and present it to him as a surprise. 

8. Tell him you want to start eating for 2 and enjoy the look on his face. 

9. Add to your shared calendar your due date. Then ask him to check his calendar to see if he's busy that day. 

10. Point to your belly and say, "So what do wanna name it?"

11. Just randomly ask him, "Does this baby make me look fat?"

12. If you have a child together, have him/her announce to him that they're going to have a baby sister/brother. 

13. Clear out one his drawers and when he asks why you did that tell him, "we have to start clearing room for when the baby comes."

14. Stick a sticky note on your belly that says "Baby in the making" and make sure he sees it as you're changing or walking out of the bathroom. 

15. Look together through your photo album in consecutive order since you first got together, and have the last page be of your sonogram. 

16. Take a selfie together and quickly photobomb it with your pregnancy test. 

17. Deliver to his office the book 'What to Expect When You're Expecting'. 

18. Tell him about this new 'song' you've been loving recently and them play him the recording of your baby's heartbeat saying, "Oh wait sorry that's our baby's heartbeat."

19. Have him take you out for dinner and have "you're going to be a dad" written at the end of the receipt. 

20. Tell him you want to go shopping and go into baby stores, enjoy confusing him for a bit and then announce you're pregnant. 

21. If he reads certain newspapers or magazines in hard copy, print a fake page with your pregnancy announcement. 

22. Record a voice memo telling him you're pregnant and add it to his songs playlist.

23. Attach your pregnancy test to your dog's collar. 

24. Replace his toothbrush with your pregnancy test.

25. Before he comes home, wear a pregnancy costume and open the door saying, "Good job baby! You did good and fast!"

26. Send him a formal work email...


*The photo is the sonogram...

27. If you're an artist, work on a symbolic painting to be hung in the nursery and gift it to him. 

28. Give him a shopping list:


29. Write him a note:


30. Surprise him with a gift that symbolizes a baby like baby socks or tiny baby shoes. 

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