16 Non-Stimulating Netflix and YouTube Shows for Your Kids
Mariam Youssef
4/26/23, 9:30 AM

Many parents are likely to have avoided turning on the television in an attempt to provide some childcare or put an end to the never-ending pleas for food. Parents should be kind to themselves. Parents should not feel bad if their children watch a little more TV. Instead, they should focus more on where and what shows kids watch. Platforms like YouTube are great, but their algorithms are made to keep delivering the same content to you. Children are misguided by that. An engaging piece of content will entertain, educate, and reflect the lives of children.

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Thankfully, Netflix and YouTube have many kids’ shows that serve this purpose. On that note, we’ll show you 16 non-stimulating Netflix shows for your kids.

Let’s start with the Netflix shows:

Trash Truck

Hank, a six-year-old, and his best friend, a huge trash truck, go on magical trips with their animal companions to discover the world.

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Peter Rabbit

In this live-action/CGI hybrid, naughty Peter Rabbit faces an overwhelming new opponent in his continuous struggle for Mr. McGregor's garden's harvest.

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Puffin Rock

On lovely Puffin Rock, puffling Oona, her young brother Baba, and their companions discover the joys of nature, friendship, and family.

Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood

Daniel is a shy but courageous 4-year-old tiger who resides in the Village of Make Believe in this animated preschool series.

Llama Llama

The popular kid's book character Llama Llama comes to life in this delightful collection of stories about friendship, family, and discovering new things.

Blue’s Clues & You

The same charming Blue and her cartoon friends are back in this revival of the popular series, along with a new live-action host.

Care Bears & Cousins

The Care Bears' journey to Care-a-Lot will be filled with adventure as they greet the Cousins, learn new Belly Badge skills, and support friends in facing their anxieties.

Beat Bugs

The Beat Bugs are back for brand-new outdoor adventures where they must deal with a bothersome cat, a radio-controlled truck gone insane, and other things. It is also a cartoon series that follows the adventures of five adorable and hilarious little bugs, where The Beatles' songs are featured.

Julie's Greenroom

In this unique children's television program from the Jim Henson Company, little puppets put on their own show under the guidance of mentor Julie Andrews.

Magic School Bus

Come along for the ride as Magic School Bus driver Ms. Frizzle transports her eager, inquisitive kids on thrilling, thrilling field trips.

Sea of Love

Bruda, Bobbi, Wayu, and Puri, four sea animals buddies, embark on brief oceanic adventures where relatable, ordinary situations become filled with magic.

Ben & Holly’s Little Kingdom

Ben Elf and fairy princess Holly who are friends go on exciting experiences while learning about cooperation, sharing, and problem-solving in the enchanted Little Kingdom.

Now, it’s time for the YouTube shows:

Lily’s Driftwood Bay

In this series, a young girl spends her days exploring an imaginary beach with her animal friends in search of hidden natural fortune. 

Peppa Pig

Kids adore the show. The immensely popular British cartoon about a young pig has a really soothing design approach. And the stories usually progress at a quick enough pace for children to understand.

Adventures of Gummi Bears

Adventures of Gummi Bears, another throwback, tells the tale of a youthful hero who helps in the discovery of a lost city of Gummi Bears. Though mild and sweet, this cartoon is not as peaceful as some other options.


The fact that Clangers keeps the interest of kids without using any real dialogue is one of the show's most astonishing features. In contrast, the emphasis of this resurrection of a well-liked British children's show is on watching the characters interact as the narrator explains what they're trying to say through whistles and other sounds.

Finally, we suggest that you watch these shows with your little ones and see if they are age-appropriate. Some cartoons may be suitable for older kids, so it is best to keep your eye on everything they’re watching.

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