The Whole Family Is Ready to Watch TV? Here Are 15 Family Movies on Netflix!

Mariam Youssef
8/14/23, 2:00 PM

Even with occasional new additions, picking the best Netflix family films is challenging. This list needs to be updated so that it accurately reflects the available titles because Netflix is constantly losing licensed films. Even worse, it takes a lot of effort to wade through all of the movies in Netflix's Children & Family Movies category before you locate something that is appropriate and will entertain you and your group. That said, we’ll list 15 movies that you can watch on Netflix with your family.

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1- Spiderman

The first Spider-flick is a thrilling film that most of the family may enjoy, even though younger single-digit family members might not be keen on watching Spider-Man's web of drama. In addition to portraying the goodness that is intrinsic to the character and the hunger for more that puts him into trouble, Tobey Maguire makes a great Peter Parker.

Uncle Ben's death and Peter's processing of his grief may be the largest problem for younger listeners. Nevertheless, Spider-Man is a wonderfully performed tale of a superhero who succeeds.

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2- Enola Holmes

Families seeking an exciting mystery with lots of action might enjoy Enola Holmes. Enola does really come from the Holmes family. However, her brothers Mycroft and Sherlock are among those who are unsure of how to explain the fact that their young sister is extraordinarily free-spirited for her age. In the role, Millie Bobby Brown excels, blending the fourth-wall-breaking humor that usually seems to be reserved for older female characters. Apart from a few battle sequences involving knives and weapons, parents shouldn't be concerned that the show is meant for adults.

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3- Sing 2

Sing 2 features Buster Moon, played by (Matthew McConaughey) summoning the gang back for one huge new show on a new stage, making it one of the greatest family movies available on Netflix. However, they require the assistance of Clay Calloway (Bono), a rock star lion who has been hiding out.

4- Charlie And The Chocolate Factory

Not only does Johnny Depp provide us with a fabulous piece of work featuring the famous story that carries the same name as the film, but he also manages to capture the attention of every family member. No matter who’s watching with you, they’re going to have fun and enjoy themselves.

5- Roald Dahl's Matilda the Musical

Not every child gets raised by parents who value education. We now discuss the newest rendition of Matilda the Musical on Netflix. This movie has received praise for its strong performances on every level — Emma Thomson and Lashana Lynch were as excellent as was to be anticipated — and is evidence that Netflix can produce some of the best family films ever.

6- Apollo 10 1/2: A Space Age Childhood

This movie's ability to seamlessly blend fact and fiction is what makes it so entertaining. It is inventive, yes, but it is also grounded in a specific setting and era, depicting the Apollo moon launch from the viewpoint of a 10-year-old child navigating his way through 1969. 

The film has a vintage aesthetic with a contemporary polish, which simultaneously makes it feel fresh and nostalgic. The movie's humor, which strikes a sweet spot of strategically placed kid jokes blended with ones for adults, is what really pulled us all together, making it an enjoyable experience for the whole family.

7- The Adam Project

Ryan Reynolds plays the titular Adam in this science fiction tale, who goes back in time and encounters his younger self. It's a lot of fun to see the banter between adult Adam and Walker Scobell's 12-year-old Adam. But the prospect of meeting their future selves was what will truly fire up the kids' imaginations.

8- Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, which appeared to become a near-instant classic, is one of the best family films available on Netflix, particularly over the holiday season. We won't give away too many narrative specifics, but the movie is about a toymaker who has lost his smile but might rediscover it when he sees his bright granddaughter again.

9- The Boy Who Harnessed The Wind

Maxwell Simba, who portrays William, a 13-year-old boy, is the protagonist of this moving story. It's the kind of inspirational storyline that science-obsessed kids could adore—his education gets taken away before he comes up with a windmill-powered generator to address the issues in his area.

10- Pee-wee's Big Holiday

You owe it to your kids to watch Pee-wee's Big Holiday if you grew up laughing heartily while admiring the amazingly bizarre Paul Reubens in a suit that was a few sizes too small. Even though it may not deliver as many giggles per minute as earlier capers, critics have highlighted that it has a charm that will appeal to both longtime fans and young children who can withstand some unusual humor.

11- Yes Day

A whole day is set out for a family to say "yes" to their kids. The kids will laugh and say "yes" to viewing it as soon as you mention the plot. Those grins will continue as you observe the wonder — and the conflict — of caving into a child's every demand. You will adore this movie if you watch it in one sitting.

12- Rescued By Ruby

Do your kids a favor and let them watch Rescued by Ruby if they are crazy about dogs. It is based on the true account of a cheeky border collie mix who was adopted several times before being brought back to the shelter. All of that alters when Dan (Grant Gustin), a state policeman with aspirations of joining the K-9 squad, picks her up. Dan and Ruby collaborate to make each other better.

13- Inside The Mind of a Cat

All of your family members who love cats should see this documentary. Yes, it has a lot of cute cats that will make even people who aren't very fond of cats squeal with delight. And sure, it's interesting and educational, with a variety of specialists providing their insights regarding why cats behave in such an odd way.

14- The Princess Switch

Analyze this: The resemblance between a common Chicago girl and a princess of royalty comes to light. How do they behave? Undoubtedly switch lives for a while! We’ll leave out the details so you can enjoy the film fully.

15- My Octopus Teacher

Are you sick of Netflix's quirky and very bizarre animated films featuring long-talking animals? Want to host a whole distinct type of movie night for your kids? This documentary about an independent filmmaker who seeks to escape from it all and flees to the South African coast will appeal to audiences 8 and up. 

He encounters an octopus while diving in the neighborhood kelp forest, and the two become good friends. The two spend about a year together, and they have a strong and sincere connection.


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