Feeling Sleepy During Working Hours? Here's How to Fight The Daily Drowsiness!

Mariam Youssef
7/2/23, 1:00 PM

Staying awake for an 8-hour shift seems like a never-ending battle that we have to go through every single day. Everyone knows the struggle but we keep fighting because that’s the only thing we can do, right? The best thing we do about it is complain to each other about how sleepy we are. Sometimes, we even go into competitions saying, “You cannot be sleepier than me!” Because this seems to be an international dilemma, we need to put an end to it or at least help a little to make your working day a bit better. That said, we’ll share with you some handy tips on how to fight sleepiness and stay awake during working hours.

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Nap before work

When you read this at first, it may sound ridiculous. But, we can assure you that it works. When you head to work early in the morning, make sure you go there 15-20 minutes before your shift starts and take a nap on your desk or in the prayer room. When your body gets what it needs, you will psychologically be able to start the day on a happy note. If you try to sleep more, snooze the alarm, and risk being late, you’ll automatically feel bad and still be hungry for sleep.


Brighten your workspace

Sleep is always associated with darkness. So, it makes sense that you make your work space bright to differentiate it from the sleeping state. Allow the sun into the room where you’re working or turn on all the lights so that you can stay awake and focused. Moreover, some people may prefer to draw the curtains or shut the shades to prevent excess sunlight. If you’re one of these people, we assure you that this is not going to help with your sleepiness at work. If too much sunlight bothers you, turn on all the fluorescent lights.

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Turn on hip music

Nothing beats a good melody in the morning that makes you energetic and ready to rule the day. On your way to work, play some music in your headphones so you can get into the spirit of a new, productive day. Make sure you play hip songs with an energetic beat rather than sad, calming music that will do nothing but make you want to sleep more. Keep the same energy on your work desk, but keep the volume down so you can focus and not disrupt your nearby colleagues.

Use your breaks

Sitting tight for long periods of time on your desk will make you feel tired and eventually sleepy. Take a break every few hours and move your body. They don’t necessarily have to be long breaks; 10-minute breaks every two hours seem reasonable and beneficial. Moreover, during your lunch break, try to take a walk so you can stretch your muscles and regain your power.

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Drink your caffeine

We know you can’t get through your day without your favorite caffeine sip, so make sure you drink your caffeine, be it tea or coffee. Caffeine can increase your alertness early in the day and help you focus. However, make sure to only consume it at the beginning of your shift. After work, drinking coffee too late can make it difficult to go to sleep.

Snack regularly

Consuming healthy snacks throughout the day will help you maintain stable blood sugar levels and focus all day. Find foods that include a balance of protein, carbs, and good fats, such as crackers with peanut butter and whole wheat, yogurt and cereal, fruit and nuts, or little carrots with cheese. Avoid nibbling on candy, soda, and other meals and drinks with added sugar.

Start with simple tasks

When you're exhausted, it can be challenging to concentrate on complex tasks. If you can, finish the simpler activities when you're worn out, like responding to emails, filing paperwork, or rearranging your computer's desktop. Usually, as you do these easier tasks, your energy will return.

Keep the space cool

A warm environment can exhaust you, while a chilly room has the opposite effect! To keep your blood circulating and your energy level high, open the window and let cool air enter or simply lower the air conditioner temperature. However, you need to make sure not to bother your colleagues and make the space freezing.

Desk workout

Well, you can work out while working by performing some easy chair exercises that will relax your muscles and help you not feel tired. You can watch chair workout videos on YouTube to give you an idea or read this article to know more about them.

Keep Netflix for the weekend

Probably most of us like to relax before bedtime by watching our favorite shows on Netflix or any other platform. While that may make us happy and entertained for a while, the consequences of staying and sleeping late will definitely affect the quality of your sleep. Respect and appreciate your body by going to bed early so you can get your 8 hours of sleep. This way, you will wake up comfortably and ready to receive the new day.

Lack of sleep may affect your workflow and daily productivity. Therefore, you should sleep well, drink plenty of water, and maintain a good, healthy diet to have a successful working week and be more focused on your work.

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