We all get bored from time to time, and that's why movies are sometimes exactly what we need to kill time and boredom. Whether you're into comedies, action, horror, romance, or animation movies, here's a list of 30 movies to watch when you're feeling really bored.

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Movies to watch when bored:

1. Pulp Fiction

The non-chronological order of the three-part story in this film that suddenly weaves together in an unexplainable manner is why this film is brilliant. The acting, dialogue, direction, and storyline will surely get you out of boredom.

2. Harry Potter Saga

If you’re into fantasy, thriller, and adventure, you’ll love all of the 8 Harry Potter films. You’ll surely experience an adventure with wizards, witches, dark evil, and pure love that will definitely make you feel amazing.

3. The Hangover 1,2, and 3

The hilarious situations and the unfortunate events the main 3 characters face in these movies are enough to make you instantly happy and refreshed.

4. 21 Jump Street

Two underachieving cops are sent to a high school to blend with everyone and try to catch a drug dealer. The funny situations they face and the adventures they experience make this movie a must-watch.

5. Soul Surfer

Based on a true story, a teenage girl, Bethany Hamilton, is passionate about surfing. One day, she loses her arm to a shark attack and since then, she’s unable to return to the water. She tries to overcome the challenges to pursue her passion.

6. Flight

An airline pilot, Whip Whitaker, saves an airplane from crashing. In spite of his courageousness, an investigation is mandated to reveal that he was intoxicated and under the influence of alcohol when he was flying that plane.

7. Madea’s Big Happy Family

Shirley tries to inform her children that she has cancer, but their constant quarrels get in the way. Her good friend, Madea, tries to gather her children and discipline them to listen to their mom through funny situations. The movie is a mix of comedy and drama and it will surely make boredom go away.

8. She’s The Man

A teenage girl who’s passionate about football tries to join the football team, but she doesn't get accepted because of her gender. She’s left with no option but to dress and talk like a man to join the football team and pursue her passion.

9. The Godfather Trilogy

A family drama that discusses the Italian Mafia at its best is depicted in The Godfather Trilogy. Although every movie is almost 3 hours long, it is exciting to watch and you’ll never feel bored afterwards.

10. Nanny McPhee

Although it is a children’s movie, it never fails to make people happy whenever they watch it. Mr. Brown is a widower with 7 children who can hardly find a good nanny for his naughty offspring. That’s when Nanny McPhee makes her way to him and, with a little magic, she manages to control the children.

11. Night at The Museum Franchise

Based on the children’s book, The Night at The Museum, these movies are fantasy-comedy with mixed live-action and computer-animated characters. We promise you fun, amusement, and feeling good after watching this franchise.

12. Inception

movies to watch when bored

An exciting, mysterious experience with great acting and awesome cast is about entering dreams of others, how it's done, and the psychological and physical dangers that are brought with it.

13. The Dark Knight

movies to watch when bored

If you are a fan of Batman movies, this is definitely one of the most iconic and best ones. With exceptional performances and incredible storyline, it will captivate you from the very beginning and you won't be able to take your eyes off the screen.

14. The Pursuit of Happyness

movies to watch when bored

One of the best dramas and a favorite among many for how moving and emotional it is. It revolves around Chris who tries to provide a happy life for his family. His wife leaves him due to poverty, so he tries to learn something new to obtain a better job and get enough money to make his son happy.

15. Mr. & Mrs. Smith

movies to watch when bored

This is a unique one that is great in times of boredom because it's full of comedy, action, and even romance. It's about a married couple who each have a secret life as assassins that they keep from one another...

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16. Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

movies to watch when bored

One of Jim Carrey's best movies with a powerful story and message is this one. It's about Joel and Clementine who fall in love, but they hesitate because of previous failed relationships. However, what happens if you have control over your memories?

17. Don't Breathe

movies to watch when bored

If you like horror, check this one out. Three teens break into the house of a wealthy blind man, thinking it would be easy, but things get really scary and ugly to the point where they're fighting to survive.

18. Mary and Max

movies to watch when bored

Mary lives in Australia with her parents and her school asks her to write a letter to a person who lives in New York. She randomly chooses Max and develops a friendship with him, exchanging letters.

19. Iron Man

movies to watch when bored

Are you a fan of superhero movies? Iron Man will make boredom disappear. Weapons designer, Tony Stark, is kidnapped by an extremist group to design a nuclear weapon. He makes a protective iron suit in order to escape from it and return home.

20. The Ring

movies to watch when bored

Another horror movie, that is known to many is about a mysterious dark video tape. Anyone who watches it gets a call informing them that they have 7 days to live. 

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21. Isn't It Romantic

movies to watch when bored

Natalie, an architect who hates romantic comedies and struggles at work has an accident that turns her life into the very thing she can't stand...a romantic comedy. 

22. Finding Nemo

movies to watch when bored

Who doesn't love Nemo? It never gets too old, even when you're really bored, it can turn your day around. If you haven't seen it, it's about a young clownfish who gets lost in the pacific ocean and is captured by humans. His protective father does everything he can to get his son back. 

23. It's Complicated

movies to watch when bored

Another one you'll never get bored of is this comedy, which is about a divorced mother who starts getting lonely after her children move out. Things accidentally start heating up again with her ex-husband, which she isn't pleased about...

24. How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days

movies to watch when bored

We all know this one, love it, and will continue to love it, especially on days like these. You know how this rom-com goes. Andy, makes a deal with her boss to write an article about how to lose a guy in 10 days. However, the guy she picks is also on a bet to make a woman fall in love with him. 

25. Maleficent

movies to watch when bored

A twist on the original story of Maleficent that will you leave you moved and excited. The villain may not be as bad as you think once you know her side of the story.

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26. A Quiet Place

movies to watch when bored

One of the best thrillers out there about a family who must stay absolutely silent in order to survive. Why? Because they could be killed by creatures that have hyper sensitive hearing, but are blind.

27. Midnight in Paris

movies to watch when bored

An American couple travel to Paris for holiday. As the guy walks through the streets of Paris at night, he begins to meet famous characters from another era, including iconic artists and writers.

28. Julie & Julia

movies to watch when bored

Bored of her life and routine, Julie uses her love for cooking and Julia Child to start a blog about her journey, cooking through all the recipes in Julia Child's iconic cookbook. We also get to see a throwback at Julia Child's life and how she became a great chef.

29. Coco

movies to watch when bored

One of the best animated movies to help rid you of boredom is Coco. Miguel loves music and hopes to become a famous singer. He finds himself in the land of the dead, meeting an iconic singer, his great-great-grandfather.

30. 13 Going on 30

movies to watch when bored

A 13-year-old girl wishes she was 30 and wakes up to find herself actually 30 years old with a completely different adult life.