Are you stuck at home due to coronavius quarantine? There are so many things to do when you're stuck at home, other than just laying in bed or sitting on the couch. If you're staying at home because of quarantine, bad weather or a snowstorm, challenge yourself and do something fun to beat the boredom. Being trapped at home is not an enough reason to be bored, so I have listed for you 45 things to do when you're stuck at home and bored...

1. Organize your music playlist and add new songs.

2. Start reading the book you always wanted to read.

3. Arrange your closet according to color, occasions, or outfits.

4. Stretch those muscles! Make sure to workout to keep refreshed and stay warm.

5. Learn a new thing to do, for example, knitting or painting.

6. Cook a meal or even create your own recipe.

7. Sort out your shoes and get rid of the ones you haven't worn in the last five years.

8. Reconsider sending your own cassette and CD players for recycling and free some space.

9. Give an old friend a call and revive old memories.

10. If you're staying at home for longer than two days, spend some time to paint your room with a new color.

11. Pamper yourself with an aromatic bubble bath to kill time and leave you relaxed.

12. Consider enrolling in an online course or watching useful tutorials.

13. Gather up your best friends and have a movie night filled with pop corn.

14. Channel your inner poet and write down the most random song ever!

15. Remember the old times and take out your old baby photo albums.

16. Create a couple of photo collages of you and your best friends and hang them in your room for decoration.

17. Try out having the green smoothie you always wanted to taste.

18. Write down the list of things you want to accomplish this year. Maybe the next five years as well.

19. Organize your computer files, do backup folders and delete any unnecessary documents.

20. If you have a favorite old movie, or TV series, watch it again to enjoy your time.

21. Write short messages to your loved ones to tell them how special they are.

22. Clean your laptop because it deserves some care.

23. Accessorize your old white shirt or jeans with studs or embellishments.

24. Open a video tutorial and learn some new dance moves!

25. Share with an old friend this hilariously ugly photo you've captured in your teenage years.

26. Make your own version of hot chocolate with some delicious toppings and sip it while looking through the window.

27. Arrange the placement of the furniture in your room differently for a change.

28. Start writing your own thoughts or diaries and keep them in a secret place.

29. Listen to motivational podcasts to inspire you.

30. Do you have extra blankets or toys and they're taking too much space? Give them out for charity because sharing is caring.

31. Do some laundry and wash those scarves your wear occasionally.

32. Enrich your general knowledge and surf the internet to know more about some interesting topics or facts.

33. Clean your jewelry and keep your favorite pieces shining like new.

34. Revamp your old denim jacket and turn it into a chic vest just by cutting its sleeves.

35. Plant some flowers and let them decorate your room with a lovely scent.

36. Watch a genre of movies or TV series you never watched before.

37. Bond a little bit more with your family. Spend some quality time with them and ditch all kinds of social media.

38. Reach out for your Nutella jar and try out new delicious ways to eat Nutella.

39. Prank your entire family to have some fun time here and there with them.

40. Do some online shopping without breaking your bank account.

41. Give sometime to take care of your hair, nails and skin using some homemade remedies.

42. If you want to go for something a bit crazy, try dying/trimming your hair at home and transform your look.

43. Plan an exciting trip with your best friends. Booking early will get you good rates.

44. Reorganize your book shelves and clean them out as well!

45. Play board games, or even video games with your siblings. Pick a game that you'll all love to engage in.

Main Image Credits: Instagram @fashionladyloves