Have you ever thought of creating ladder bookshelves out of your old forgotten ladder? Give your old wooden or aluminium ladder life back again with just a simple step to DIY ladder bookshelves. With just a few simple adjustments, you can turn your ladder into ladder bookshelves and here's how...

What you will need:

- Old ladder

- Wooden boards

- Super glue


1. Open your ladder and make sure the two sides of the ladder are perfectly connected together. You must also make sure that the rungs of the ladder are strong enough to hold the wooden boards.

2. Now bring the wooden boards, and make sure that they are suitable with the width and length of the ladders. Their thickness is also very important, because they'll be holding many of your precious books.

3. Place the wooden boards over each and every ladder rung, and make sure to align them all together. If you think the wooden boards needs to stay in place more, glue the boards to the ladder.

4. Start arranging your books on your DIY ladder bookshelves! In order for the books to stay in place, position the ladder bookshelf right against the wall. You should also place the heavier books in the center of the ladder bookshelf to keep things stable.

Photo Credits: Designanddiymagazine.com