This is not just for when you're growing your bob out, this is also for when you're actually going to the hairdresser to get a medium length haircut. I would say there's kind of a lot of negativity surrounding medium length haircuts. People see them as an 'awkward' hair phase that you have to go through when you're growing out your hair. For me, however, it's 2 things. It's where my hair length is at right now, and it's what I used to do when I wanted to chop my long hair off, but I was still too chicken to go for a blunt lob.

So let's talk about medium length hair cuts. There are short to mid length hairstyles. The shorter medium length haircuts start, I would say, start when the hair is shoulder length, but slightly passing past the shoulders. Longer medium length haircuts could go as far reaching the upper back area. For me, if you hair reaches the center of your back, we can start to consider long.

I think the problem is that a lot of people struggle with how to style medium length haircuts. Should I layer it? Should I keep natural? Does it look better curly? Does it look too dull when it's straight? Medium length haircuts can actually look really cool, because they flatter the face like long hair does, but also give a cool edge to the look like a short bob does. 

So, let's take a look at the different types of medium length haircuts so you can find the one for you: 

Medium length haircuts with bangs


If bangs are your thing then this length is actually one of the most perfect ones for bangs. It gives a really nice balance to the bangs and looks effortless and chic no matter how you style it, straight,  curly or with loose waves. 

Medium length haircuts for thin hair


If you have thin hair, you can always go for a shorter version of a medium length haircut, one that just grazes below the shoulder. However, if you want longer hair, don't forget that styling is everything. So give your hair nice volume with a blow dry or go for bigger curls. You can also ask you hairdresser for layers to give the hair more thickness.


Medium length haircuts for thick hair


With thicker hair, you can go for a nice long medium length haircut like the one above. Loose waves look great for this haircut and give the hair movement and texture. But, you also rock the sleek look if you want, it's a huge trend. 

Medium length haircuts for curly hair


For curly hair, this length is really stunning. It shows the beauty and the thickness of your curls while giving you a nice edgy look. You can also ask for layers if you want a more dramatic and voluminous look to your haircut. 

Medium length haircuts with layers


Layers are always a great option for those of you who are looking for more volume and texture. They also give a really nice natural beach wave look to the hairstyle. They suit longer medium length haircuts and shorter ones, however, you can ask for more layers with longer hair. 

Hairstyles for medium length haircuts


One of the perks of medium length hair is that now it's at a length where you can finally comfortably style it into cute updo's and get creative with them. There are endless options for updo's and they look great with a shoulder length medium haircuts. 

Medium length haircuts for frizzy hair


Some people with frizzy hair tend to stay away from short haircuts, especially if their hair is also thick. However, shorter hair can be good for them to maintain their ends' health. If you have frizzy hair you can go for a shaggy layered medium length haircut, that way you can keep trimming the  the dry split ends and have yourself a nice layered hairstyle. The layers will also give your hair volume and a healthier 'messy vibe' look. 

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