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| by Nancy Hennes

The Right Way to Use a Hair Diffuser for Perfect Natural Curls

If you are a curly girl, then you use or are planning to use a hair diffuser at one point in your life. Drying your hair could take ages without some additional help and for women with natural curls, the hair diffuser is their only option. Using it for the first time can either be a perfect hit or a huge miss depending on how you actually worked your hair with it. So, before judging the results, check out these small but very important tips that will be the secret to achieving perfect natural curls with minimum frizz.

First of all, it is better to start diffusing your hair when it is 60-70% dry. I know that you must be dying to dry your hair as soon as possible, but if it is dripping wet you will not be happy with the results. So, try to squeeze as much excess water out of your hair first, and wait for a while before reaching for the blow dryer.

Also, it's very important to choose the right diffuser head for your hair! Using one with long spikes, or short spikes, or no spikes at all get you different results, but I'll talk more about this point another time. Now, let's find out how to diffuse your curly hair and dry it with the best results...

How to use a hair diffuser with your curly hair:

1. Divide your hair into sections according to the size of your diffuser, the larger it is, the less sections you will need.

2. While the hair dryer is still off, place the first section of hair into the diffuser and move the hair dryer closer to your scalp.

3. Turn on the hairdryer preferably on low heat or cold setting for a few minutes. The most important tip is that you should not move the dryer while it is turned on, as that is the main reason for frizzy hair.

4. Turn off the hairdryer before moving on to the next hair section, then repeat for the rest of your hair.

Know that you don't need to keep the diffuser in place until that section is fully dry, but rather switch from section to the other every couple of minutes.

Main Image Credits: @Lisette

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